7 rules on taking best photos when selling apartment

7 правил, как фотографировать квартиру для продажи на Кипре
13 February 2023 Vladimir Melnik

Success in real estate sales in Cyprus depends on many factors.

The characteristics of the property, supply and demand in the market, and even the willingness of the seller to reduce the price should be taken into account. However, all efforts made can be in vain if the presentation of the apartment is not prepared properly.

The global information trends of recent years put the priority not on textual content, but on the visual one. In this regard, the quality of photographs in the advertising of apartments for sale must be impeccable. Here are a few practical tips for maximizing success in this creative endeavor.


It is necessary to start with a general cleaning of the apartment, hide all unnecessary items and, thus, depersonalize the property for sale. It will be easier for an interested buyer to imagine how their ideal home would look like in your property.

Photographs, clothing, personal items and children's toys should be removed from living area. For a good picture, you can leave a vase of flowers or a laptop. The bed in the bedroom should be properly made. In the kitchen, it is preferable to hide any dishes, cutlery and electrical appliances, potholders. In this case, the collection of magnets must be dismantled from the refrigerator in the first place.

Used towels and bathrobes, detergents and personal hygiene products are hidden in the bathroom. Plumbing, mirrors and glass surfaces should shine. Clothes, shoes and umbrellas are removed from racks and hangers in the hallway. Indoor bicycles and pets do not need to be in photos at all. As a result, an apartment properly prepared for shooting, including a balcony or terrace, resembles a hotel room before receiving guests.


The photographs obtained as a result of the photo session are designed to answer two main questions: the size and shape of the premises and the general condition of the property. First of all, the camera must capture the living rooms, in each it is necessary to take 3-4 pictures from different corners. For other rooms of the apartment, two are enough. A useful technique would be to combine the transition from one zone to another in the frame, for example, from the kitchen to the living room or from the bedroom to the bathroom. In this case, the future owner of the property will be able to take a virtual walk and understand the layout in detail.

A beautiful view from a window or balcony will be a big plus. Separately, it is worth photographing the details that can be attributed to the advantages of the apartment. High-quality finishes, large windows, high ceilings, new plumbing and built-in furniture should work for a quick sale. Problem areas should not be shown: in the case of a physical viewing, they will become the subject of discussion.


In the process of interior shooting, only horizontal shots are created. The vertical format is assumed in narrow rooms and when working with long fragments. To prevent “overwhelmed” frames, you need to outline a virtual horizon line and strictly bind the used smartphone or camera to it. The most advantageous angle for shooting a room is from different angles, from where it seems larger. To give the image depth, objects should be placed in the middle and background. In order not to distract attention from the room itself, the appearance of too bright objects in the frame is undesirable. If there is a mirror in the room, the photographer should not be seen.

Attention! It is not recommended to aim the lens directly at bright windows, take pictures along the walls and take pictures of the exit from the room while in it.


Illumination is a very important parameter on which information content, mood and image quality depend. To access natural light (without bright sun), the curtains on the windows must be open. It is optimal to conduct a photo session in the early morning, in cloudy weather, or choose the appropriate conditions for each room during the day.

The included lighting devices enliven the composition and contribute to the establishment of light balance. If necessary, in rooms without windows, additional light is installed and a flash is used. It is recommended to mount the camera on a tripod, the optimal height is 130-140 cm from the floor, in narrow rooms - 100-110 cm. Additionally, you need to select the optimal white balance (WB) and set the maximum depth of field (respectively, the minimum f-number). In the process of shooting, it is better not to use the zoom and control the sharpness.


In addition to images of the object of sale itself, it is recommended to acquaint the potential buyer with the surroundings. In particular, sights close to home, infrastructure and social facilities. Shops, cafes, park areas and embankments located within walking distance make the apartment for sale more attractive. Photos of the parking lot, the sports ground, a beautiful entrance and a modern elevator will work to increase the rating of the property. The facade of the building in which the apartment is located also deserves several shots from different angles.


The human eye and the camera matrix perceive the same picture in different ways. After several views of the footage, there will always be frames that require lightening, cropping or contrast enhancement. Therefore, their selection and correction will be a mandatory procedure. This does not require professional software. It is enough to use the app on your smartphone or available computer programs such as Picasa. The positive effect of color correction can be traced on the example of an important parameter for interiors - white balance. On photographs ready for publication, after appropriate processing, the color of the ceiling and window frames (provided that they are white) must match the original.


The number of photographs of the project for sale should be sufficient to form an idea and demonstrate all its advantages. In a portfolio, it is recommended to follow the logical sequence of images. Particular attention should be paid to the first photo, which should "hook" a potential buyer and make him reconsider all the others. Close-ups of residential areas should be shown first, then common areas and the exterior of the property. The visuals are completed by shots of the surrounding area and details that are worth paying attention to. To complete the picture, it is useful to add a graphic plan of the apartment.

These recommendations are aimed at improving the quality of photographs, the totality of which is a portrait of the property being sold. As a rule, any portrait is designed to show the object in a favorable light and evoke positive emotions. A positive and attractive portrait contributes to the growth of interest in the offer, and hence the increase in the likelihood of acquiring the apartments for sale.

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