Eastern Larnaca is abandoned

Почему районы восточной части Ларнаки заброшены?
13 September 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Abandonment and deterioration, is the image that composes the landscape in the neighborhoods of eastern Larnaca, which are adjacent to the port.

 The decades-long delay in deciding on the promotion of the Larnaca marina and port project has had decisive consequences for the development of the region. The long delay in the decision to relocate the oil facilities, as well as the low growth rate, which has declined further in recent years, have had a similar effect. 

Even today, when work is being promoted in the marina and the port and at the same time the relocation of the oil facilities is being implemented, the private initiative remains reluctant to take substantial action. 

With a port area full of scrap metal, abandoned machinery and an old and declining marina, there is no incentive for anything other than stagnation in the eastern part of the city of Zeno. At the same time, vacant plots, abandoned houses and mansions complement the gray color of these neighborhoods in the city. Development, here, seems to have pulled the brakes, expecting developments and events that would encourage it to take the initiative. A waiting attitude that has lasted almost 30 years, leaving indelible marks behind it.

Почему районы восточной части Ларнаки заброшенны?

The building rush that was observed in the first 10 to 15 years since the invasion of 1974, does not exist today in the neighbourhoods of Larnaca that border the port. Apartment buildings took the place, according to elderly residents, even of the mansions that dominated the area. However, with the passage of time and the declining course of the port, the development had a similar declining course. With most of the residents of the remaining houses being elderly and a significant number of the occupants of the apartment buildings being foreigners. People who for years record and daily watch, until now, the depressing image of a port that now has the signs of abandonment.

According to the mayor of Larnaca Andrea Vyra, he expects and hopes that with the gradual progress of the project of the marina and mainly the port as well as with the relocation of the oil facilities, the areas of the city that are now negatively affected, will be able to recover and not not only to keep pace with development with the rest of the city, but also perhaps to surpass it.

 "It is normal", continued Mr. Vyras, "the private capital was on a standstill in recent years in these areas, especially since there was a delay in the two major projects". However, he continued, it is expected that the great work of the port and the marina, apart from the fact that it will undoubtedly help the whole city, will also help these areas in particular. 

The mayor of Larnaca also reminded that on September 4, 2020, the deadline for the Competition Commission to submit its views on the agreement signed with the investors of the project expired. With these data, but also after communication with the investors, the agreement is progressing positively and the project will proceed for the benefit of all. Along with the construction of the project, he concluded, the data that currently apply to these areas of Larnaca will be differentiated. 

Почему районы восточной части Ларнаки заброшены?

Source: philenews.com
Photos: pixabay.com, philenews
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