Passports of Cyprus are fueling the economy

Какой ущерб получит экономика Кипра от отмены инвестиционной программы?
18 November 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Approximately € 600 million will be the Cypriot economy's cost from the investment program's abrupt termination. As estimated by the chairman of DIKO and chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance, Nikolas Papadopoulos. He added that this cost would be the highest after the "haircut" of deposits. He wondered how these effects would be addressed in conjunction with a possible collapse of the "bubble" of real estate in Limassol and possibly other cities.

The above findings of Mr. Papadopoulos were made during yesterday's discussion of the Ministry of Interior's budget before the Parliamentary Committee on Finance.

The Minister of Interior, Nikos Nouris, "heard it normally" from the opposition for the investment program which, as the deputies pointed out, resigned Cyprus internationally. Mr. Nouris himself indicated that the program was abolished and that measures are being taken so that similar phenomena are not repeated. 

He also said that 621 applications from investors and 722 applications from family members are pending before the Interior Ministry. Commenting on the remark of the MP of Ecologists, George Perdikis, that although the program has been abolished, the relevant regulations are still in force, which refers to a mockery of the Parliament, Mr. Nouris pointed out that the rules can not be abolished because those who received a passport should be controlled for ten years, which will not be possible when the regulations are repealed. The check may also lead to the removal of passports.

Какой ущерб получит экономика Кипра от отмены инвестиционной программы?

he Interior Minister also said that from the applications for 2021, an amount of €71 000 000 is expected to flow into the state coffers. Technology research will not be able to be collected ". 

He also mentioned that the providers will be controlled and added that "if everything is abolished, there will be chaos." He also pointed out that the possibility of naturalizations that are not related to the investment program should not be eliminated.

"What we are doing is an expensive memorial in the investment program of passports," pointed out the AKEL MP, Eleni Mavrou. "I am talking about effects on the local economy and the environment for which the government has received many warnings without taking action," he added. 

The Minister of Interior stated that the total cost of the projects launched amounts to € 783 million for the next period, of which €459 000 000 in urban areas, € 236 000 000 in rural areas, and € 88 000 000 in secondary urban areas, and suburban areas. 

AKEL MP, George Georgiou, argued that housing is no longer a right but a privilege of a few. He also accused the Government of overflowing with Local Plans to build towers. AKEL MP NikoKettiros, claimed that the food and drink in t / c properties continued and wondered whether there is a circuit.

Eleni Mavrou criticized the situation that was identified with 79 cases of coronavirus in foreign workers. "We are ashamed," he said, adding that the policy pursued "created slaves for some businessmen."

The Interior Minister clarified that he does not feel the need to apologize for a business person and added that he informed the Police from the first moment. 

The parliamentary representative of DIKO, Panikos Leonidou, claimed that the countryside was deserted and spoke of misery.

The Minister of Interior made particular reference to immigrants and refugees, stating that in 2019 the number of asylum seekers approached 16 000. Together with the international protection status (reaching 12 500) translates into 4% of the total population.

As he said, this year, the applications decreased by 50%. In the last five months, 1,200 illegal immigrants have been repatriated, he said.

The budget burden is by no means negligible, he said, estimating the cost at € 48 000 000.

"We had backdoors through which immigrants entered legally, and I am talking about sham marriages and sham students," he said, clarifying that the phenomenon ended with the adoption of safeguards.

He also stated that an official of a specific municipality had revoked the marriage license. He also said that a process of annulment of virtual marriages had been launched.

"We also closed the door at the entrance of students who in a short period were converted into asylum seekers," said the minister, who added that, with the measures taken, there is a restraint in asylum applications.

Nikos Nouris referred to the housing of three Ministries and other Services in the area of ​​the General Secretariat, saying the following:

"We are conducting an architectural competition for the Location of New Government Offices (MasterPlan) in the area of" Chief Secretariat "for the housing of the Ministries of Interior, Justice and Public Order, Transport and Communications and Works. "500 parking spaces will also be built."

Especially for the Housing Services Program, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that an administration building of the Ministry would be erected. The cost includes € 19 000 000 + VAT for the construction of the headquarters of the Cadastral Department. 

It is also planned to build offices of the Department of Population and Immigration Archive from the site of the old hospital in a building within the Municipality of Nicosia, as well as moving the T / C Property Service from the General Secretariat building to a building on Diagorou Street, within the Municipality of Nicosia.

Mr. Nouris stated that the state has been illegal for a long time, transferring state services out of the center. 

He also said that plans are being considered to revive Nicosia's center and expand the linear park's perimeter to connect the east with the west side of the city and transfer university faculties to the capital.

An additional goal is to reconstruct abandoned buildings with incentives for the center of old Nicosia.

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