Villas, Golf and Sea: Construction of Limassol Greens Begins

Виллы, гольф и море: в Лимассоле началось строительство комплекса Limassol Greens
15 July 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

The long-awaited implementation of one of the largest projects in Cyprus, Limassol Greens, has begun in Limassol.

The new complex is being built by Lanitis Golf Public Co Ltd. It will have an area of ​​140 hectares and include an 18-hole championship golf course, a modern club house, 500 villas, 250 apartments and extensive infrastructure for living and recreation.

The building plot is located in the eastern part of Limassol, in a very attractive location.

In the immediate vicinity, there will be the sandy Lady's Mile beach and the Salt Lake, as well as My Mall and the City of Dreams Mediterranean casino resort, which will open its doors to visitors in 2022.

Виллы, гольф и море: в Лимассоле началось строительство комплекса Limassol Greens

The original project, developed by Luciano Mazza, Principal and Director of Hospitality at the HKS London office, includes:

  • international standard 18 hole golf course,
  • 1.7 thousand m2 golf club,
  • 500 villas and 250 apartments, which will be built in several stages,
  • indoor and outdoor pools,
  • SPA,
  • sport Club,
  • tennis courts, basketball court and bike paths,
  • restaurants and cafes,
  • children's playgrounds,
  • open-air amphitheater,
  • garden for plant cultivation.

Виллы, гольф и море: в Лимассоле началось строительство комплекса Limassol Greens

The villas are located on large plots of land in the very center of the complex.

They vary in size: from three to six bedrooms. Thanks to the use of the latest design solutions, the villas harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape. The spacious interior spaces are in perfect harmony with the gardens and create a comfortable Mediterranean lifestyle experience.

In the center of Limassol Greens, next to the club village and club house, there is also a Robin Apartments complex. The apartment complex is divided into two sections with two lobbies with separate lifts.

Potential buyers can purchase 2 and 3 bedroom apartments here, one of the main advantages of which is the stunning panoramic views of the golf course, the Salt Lake, forest and sea.

The apartments are surrounded by gardens specially designed by the landscape designers of the architectural and design bureau HKS, which creates a comfortable atmosphere for rest and relaxation. For residents of the apartments, there are swimming pools, lounge areas and all the opportunities for a picnic and barbecue.

As you may know, the start of sales of villas and apartments in this large-scale project was announced in May, earlier the developer company also sold a limited number of plots in Limassol Greens. And now, finally, Lanitis Golf Public Co Ltd started construction.

It is worth noting that buying real estate in Limassol Greens is an excellent opportunity to get permanent residence in Cyprus, since apartments are on sale with a budget of 470 thousand euros + VAT.

It is expected that after the completion of the above projects, the western region of Limassol will definitely become one of the most expensive in the city.

Виллы, гольф и море: в Лимассоле началось строительство комплекса Limassol Greens

You can find out more details about the Limassol Greens project, as well as other options for buying or renting housing in Cyprus, on the DOM platform.
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