A New Hotel to be Built on Larnaca Salt Lake

В Ларнаке началось строительство отеля с видом на Солёное озеро и фламинго
23 February 2021 Angelica Michael

Construction on a new luxury hotel resort began just eight meters from the shore of the Salt Lake in Cyprus.

The main building will have three floors with 36 double rooms. The total area of ​​buildings and territory is 3,510 m2.

The hotel will be located in close proximity to the Natura 2000 protected green area. The road to Faros Beach runs through this area. The hotel will appear just 3 km from Larnaca Airport, nearby is the marine aquaculture station at Meneou, as well as a café and restaurant on the way to the village of Dromolaxia.

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Project characteristics

According to the information report of the Department of the Environment, the proposed hotel complex consists of a basement, 3 residential floors and a roof garden, and has a capacity of 36 rooms / 72 beds. Its total area is 3,510 m2.

There will be 13 double rooms with a terrace on the first and second floor, and nine double rooms and a suite on the third floor.

The hotel will have a lobby with reception, indoor and outdoor bars, restaurants, kitchens, offices, an outdoor pool, a rooftop Jacuzzi and a lounge bar.

The hotel will have 14 parking spaces on the first level including two for disabled people, and there will also be a drop-off area for residents of the hotel block. The open area of ​​the tourist complex will have facilities and functions such as a covered courtyard for tourist disembarkation, an outdoor restaurant area, a pool with bar, parks, alleys and landscaping.

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The architectural composition of the complex is of high quality in terms of functionality and aesthetics and is expected to improve the built area and aesthetics of the surrounding tourist area.

Protection of the unique nature of the Salt Lakes

Due to the specifics of the location of the proposed tourism project next to the Natura 2000 protected area, the architectural study and planning of the proposed development adopted spatial planning elements, management measures and operational methods aimed at minimizing the impacts and effects of the project on the environment.

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The proposed tourism development project includes tree plantations, trees and shrubs around the building boundaries, as well as other locations within the building boundaries.

В Ларнаке началось строительство отеля с видом на Солёное озеро и фламинго

Source: Kathimerini
Photos: Pixabay
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