Social housing project continues to be promoted in Limassol

В Лимассоле продолжают продвигать проект социального жилья
15 December 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The Cyprus Land Development Organization is proceeding with its decision for the construction of affordable, quality housing. In this context, he announced two architectural competitions, one in Larnaca, the results we have already presented, and one in Polemidia. In this second competition, the proposal of the architects Elina Pattihi and Taulant Tozaj (EP Architects LLC) was selected.

With rents and real estate prices skyrocketing, social housing is becoming a necessity. Receiving the times' messages, KOAG proceeds to the implementation of a program that it has announced for the construction of affordable but well-designed houses. This time it is the turn of Pano Polemidia with the construction of a complex of 28 homes. In a relevant architectural competition, the results of which were announced this week. The first prize was awarded to the proposal of Elina Pattihi and Taulant Tozaj. 

The proposal provides for 28 adjoining houses—five in one piece and 23 in another. In the second plot, the houses are placed in a row, leaving enough space for the formation of a square and landscaping lanes between the houses and the parking lots for social gatherings. As the architects themselves explain, the purpose of this layout is to optimize the view and the sun and the utilization of the space resulting from this layout. 

In block A, the houses are located across the road. Rectangular volumes form the complex with slight color variations in earth tones and coating textures, inspired by the traditional Cypriot architecture and the natural landscape, incorporating as a primary cell in each house a central which is the modern atrium. 

At the house entrance, we meet the first semi-outdoor space in which the kitchen space expands. According to the architects' reasoning, based on this functional layout, the facades of the houses concerning the street become active. They are formed based on the social character of the complex. Next is the outdoor area of ​​the central inner courtyard, the indoor living, dining, dining areas, and the semi-outdoor and outdoor area on the south side of the house. The living areas are expanded towards these two courtyards. Especially in the central patio case, where both the kitchen and the living rooms are relaxed, a core of life and activities is created for the house about the "solar" found in traditional architecture. Besides, the yard design offers the possibility of communication with the yard of the neighboring property if this is deemed desirable by the owners. Similarly, the "retreat" of the building volume on the floor offers ventilation of the yard and, in combination with the openings on the ground floor, creates permeable ventilation. At the first floor level, the master bedroom is located to the south, the second bedroom to the north, while the third, with an opening in the courtyard due to the retreat of the opposite volume, has sufficient sun and ventilation.

The design and construction of the complex follow passive heating and solar strategies. As the architects explain, "the thermal insulation on the exterior masonry, the frame of the building and the frames have specifications as provided by the law on regulating the energy efficiency of buildings and part of the building's consumption will be covered by photovoltaic and solar hot water panels. "Provisions for air conditioning units and central heating provisions will also be installed, taking into account the minimum consumption requirements as defined by the law on the regulation of the energy efficiency of buildings."

The proposal's bioclimatic approach is also expressed through the utilization of the south orientation, which is ideal in terms of sunbathing and heating. So the living spaces are placed on this site. The sun protection of the rooms on the south façade is achieved with the walkable horizontal ledge of the terrace and its shelter with the corresponding thermal gains in winter.В Лимассоле продолжают продвигать проект социального жилья

The application of the traditional type "solar" in each house's central patio helps to create a cavity protected from the weather with the possibility of through ventilation. The "retreat" of the building volume on the floor, combined with the opening of the balcony doors to integrate the living and kitchen areas with the yard, contributes to the ventilation and the creation of a microclimate in the summer months. Planting with local species of flora also contributes to this.

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