Two more towers and a hotel in Larnaca

В Ларнаке появятся очередные небоскрёбы
25 October 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The company OMIKRO KTIMATIKI LTD plans the construction and operation of residential and tourist development with the name "STASTON PROJECT" in the Municipality of Larnaca.

Specifically, the study's result submitted to the Department of Environment will consist of two residential towers (Tower A & Tower B) and a hotel.

The project's construction site is located at about 500m north of the core of the Municipality of Larnaca and a distance of about 500 m southwest of the Port of Larnaca.

The proposed development concerns the construction of two tall residential buildings Tower A and Tower B, as well as a hotel unit. Building A includes 19 floors and has a height of 75.55 m, while Building B contains 27 floors and has an elevation of 103.65 m. These buildings are intended for mixed-use, as they include 97 apartments and shops, cafes, restaurants, gym, and spa. Also, the two towers have two open underground parking spaces. There will be 218 parking spaces, of which ten areas will be for the disabled.

The development includes the construction of an additional 25-storey high-rise building (100.75 m high), which is intended for a 5-star hotel unit with a capacity of 168 tourist rooms. The hotel unit also includes restaurants, cafes, bars, gym, spa, and areas for hotel staff, such as management and maintenance areas, and two underground car parks. There will be 133 parking spaces, of which eight places will be for the disabled.

The total area of ​​the development plots is 11,060 m2. The hotel will cover a total area of ​​3,695 m2. The residential towers will cover a total area of ​​6,357 m2. Therefore the full coverage of the plots under study by the PE will be 10,052 m2.

Also, the public green space will constitute 15% of the total area of ​​the plots under study and will have ​​1,659 m2. The available equipment will cover 2% of the APM area and will have an area of ​​221.2 m2. The development's green space will also cover an area of ​​872 m2 (the owner has acquired this area).

В Ларнаке появятся очередные небоскрёбы

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