Eleftherias Square: Café-mammoth in the moat

Муниципалитет Никосии откроет крупные объекты общественного питания под площадью Элефтерия
4 November 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The shopkeepers who are active in the field of catering and cafes in the walled city of Nicosia are upset, considering that the Municipality of Nicosia gives them the gratuitous shot by multiplying the area of ​​the space that will be used in the ditch under Eleftherias Square in the form of a cafe, and snack bar. 

As they claim, while Eleftherias Square's architect foresaw a space of 200 m2, the area (open and closed) is launched at approximately 1,085 meters. It will be the largest competitive space in the old city.

Citing a letter from the Mayor of Nicosia in 2017, they state that a total of 1783 m2 of open space had been granted to the 85 related companies. The secretary of the Pedestrian Association, Antonis Kouparis, that since then, several businesses have closed, and it is foreseen what will happen when a large cafeteria operates in the ditch under the Square. 

Муниципалитет Никосии откроет крупные объекты общественного питания на площади Элефтерия

Shopkeepers believe that some of the terms (such as turnover and previous utilization of similar spaces) of offers refer to large "players in catering and cafes.

The Municipality of Nicosia, whose position we requested, claims that the data are as follows:

  • The Municipality did not use the area of ​​the Trench to create cafes. Whether it is a restaurant or auxiliary rooms, all the built spaces are located under the sidewalks of Homer and Stasinos. And in a second basement. 
  • The Ministry has approved the sites of Transport, Communications, and Works and the competent government departments (Department of Antiquities, CTO). The Municipality does not proceed with project planning if it has not previously secured the necessary permits and approvals.
  • The recreation areas that will be created will serve the public that will visit the park. More specifically, the following will operate in the area:
  • Snack bar with a net usable area of ​​53 m2 and the ancillary regions (warehouses, brewery, toilets, and changing rooms) 49 sq.m.
  • Cafeteria with a useful space of 130 m2 (dining areas including service benches). Also included are 170 m2 auxiliary rooms on the ground floor (toilets for the disabled, warehouses, office, cloakroom) and 240 m2 auxiliary spaces basement (kitchen, storage rooms, public restrooms, staff restrooms, and garbage collection area).

The Municipality also notes that the open landscaped areas of the project have an area of ​​approximately 26,500 m2 as follows:

  • Square, Pantelidi Avenue, and Department of Konstantinos Paleologos: 500 m2
  • Park at the moat level from Solomou square to the parking lot of D'Avila: 21 000 m2

Based on the numbers provided by the Municipality, the amount of the enclosed space to 642 m2, including the auxiliary areas. To these spaces should be added the open spaces, which, according to the reactors, raise to about 1 100 m their spaces for utilization.

Source: philenews.com, in-cyprus
Photos: philenews.com
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