Updated criteria for the "green line" program in Nicosia

Муниципалитет Никосии уточнил критерии участия в Программе стимулирования деловой активности
9 September 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

On the occasion of comments that have been posted on the internet in relation to the current advertisement concerning the Entrepreneurship Support Plan, amounting to €700 000, for the city within the walls, the Municipality of Nicosia wishes to clarify the following:

1. Beneficiaries of the Plan are companies of any size, natural persons (Cypriot citizens and EU citizens) and legal entities - Companies, Associations, Foundations, the majority of the share capital or voting rights of the shares or partners of another company or partners the control is exercised by Cypriot or EU citizens.

2. The areas included in the Plan concern areas that the Municipality has invested in the landscaping of facades with the ultimate goal of using unused buildings to liven up with multiplier benefits for these areas.

3. The Plan concerns the provision of incentives in the form of government sponsorship to start-ups or the encouragement of companies already operating in the Scope areas and wishing to expand their existing facilities or to encourage existing companies to relocate to the Scope areas.

4. The Municipality supports in practice with reductions or exemptions of fees companies and professional premises that have been affected by the pandemic COVID 19.

Муниципалитет Никосии уточнил критерии участия в Программе стимулирования деловой активности

It is reminded that any company that meets the criteria can claim a sponsorship of up to €40 000.

Incentives of €700 000 are granted to entrepreneurs who wish to operate or transfer their business activities to areas within the Nicosia Walls through the Nicosia Green Line Regeneration / Revitalization Program (2017 - 2020) of the Ministry of Interior.

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