Cyprus Ministry of Internal Affairs to Provide Subsidies for Housing in Mountainous and Remote Areas of Island

МВД Кипра продолжит выделять субсидии на жилищное строительство в горных и отдалённых районах острова
7 September 2021 DOM LiVE
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Interior Minister Nikos Nouris said that the Interior Ministry intends to continue to implement the program to support housing in the mountainous and remote areas of the island.

The next start is scheduled for early 2022.

Nouris noted that in the period from March 1 to the end of June 2021, more than 80 applications have already been approved for residents of the island and about 3 million euros of subsidies have been paid under the scheme. He also mentioned that dozens of other applications are still pending, which are expected to significantly increase the volume of government financial support and assistance to local residents, especially young couples. Nouris recalled that the main parameters for obtaining state support are height, distance from the city center and the number of population in villages.

The design criteria include:

  • a village must be located at an altitude of at least 500 m above sea level
  • a village must be at least 40 km from the city center, based on the road network, regardless of population and altitude
  • a village must have a population of no more than 500 inhabitants (2011 census) and at the same time be at a distance of at least 30 km from the city center.
The rural revitalization program is relatively new and covers 258 Cypriot villages. It should be noted that the main goal of the government is to curb the outflow of the rural population to the cities.

The plan includes provisions for building a home, buying a new or existing home, and free acquisition (inheritance) and the cost of improving a private home for permanent ownership. Financial support is paid in two installments. The first installment is provided as an advance upon obtaining a building / purchase permit, and the second installment is provided after the completion of the purchase of the house.

МВД Кипра продолжит выделять субсидии на жилищное строительство в горных и отдалённых районах острова

The amounts of financial support for those who decide to participate in the new program will be:

  • for bachelors - 20 thousand euros,
  • for couples - up to 30 thousand euros,
  • for families with children or single-parent families - up to 35 thousand euros,
  • for couples who are not more than 41 years old at the time of application - up to 45 thousand euros,
  • for couples who are not more than 41 years old at the time of application, with children - up to 50 thousand euros,
  • for large families with four or more children - up to 55 thousand euros.

People with disabilities are allocated an additional 10 thousand euros for the installation of special structures for their movement in houses.

In addition, the Ministry of the Interior provides additional financial assistance - a minimum annual grant of 400 euros for a family living at a distance of at least 40 km from the city center. The grant increases in proportion to the distance (400 euros for those who live 40 to 59 km from the city, 500 euros for 60-79 km and 600 euros for over 80 km). The purpose of this is to cover transportation costs.

For more information on the housing state support program, visit the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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