New Amusement Park Opens In Protaras

В Протарасе открылся новый луна-парк
26 June 2021 Ala Kara

Somewhere on the endless Internet, we came across a comparison of Luna Park with a magical children's land where you can escape from problems. That is why, perhaps, adults like Luna Park no less than children.

Someone goes to an amusement park for their portion of adrenaline, and gets it on extreme rides, others just want to make their children happy, still others like to watch how other people ride.

So, earlier those who were vacationing in Protaras had to drive to Ayia Napa for all these emotions. Recently, this need has disappeared.

Protaras is a small resort. It mainly attracts tourists with children. Unlike neighboring Ayia Napa, which many call the Cypriot Ibiza, there are fewer young people and therefore more peaceful. The main attraction is the Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah.

In order to see it, you need to climb a steep staircase to a very big mountain. From there you can also enjoy the views of the surroundings. But, with kids, it will not be easy to make such a path.

Why not check out the Dancing Fountains or visit the Oceanic Aquarium then?

Yes, maybe the children will be fascinated by this. But what is most gratifying for them? Amusement park, of course. And for this, it was necessary to go to Ayia Napa earlier. The Parko Paliatso there has the largest amusement park in Cyprus.

And finally, a branch of the Ayia Napa amusement park was opened in Protaras.

They installed it in the center of the resort town next to the supermarket of the LIDL trading company.

Let's compare both parks. In Protaras, it is more compact, there are fewer attractions. And what is important - they almost do not overlap with those in Ayia Napa.

Although, of course, there is a carousel and a Ferris wheel here as well!

В Протарасе открылся новый луна-парк

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Photos: DOM LiVE
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