Berengaria is looking for a new owner

Легендарный отель "Беренгария" снова выставлен на продажу
10 September 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The myth that wants it haunted seems to still follow the historic, abandoned hotel Veregaria, in Prodromos. Following the sinking of the deal that was promoted for its acquisition by PlanetVision last spring, Berengaria is looking for a buyer again.

It has long been re-included in the list of properties for sale of Gordian Holdings, while recently its sale is being promoted through Delfi Properties Cyprus, for € 2 300 000. However, it seems that the investment interest is reduced. 

As is well known, an agreement had been reached for Berengaria with the company Planetvision Capital, which intended to invest and renovate the order of € 60 000 000, for the creation of a luxury hotel complex. 

However, on the one hand, the bureaucratic delays of the competent government departments and on the other hand, the uncertainty brought by the pandemic, put a brake on Planetvision's plans. In any case, the signatures for this agreement did not have time to fall.

It is recalled that Berengaria had passed into the hands of Gordian together with the loans of Ocean Tankers, through the Helix 1 loan package, which was sold by the Bank of Cyprus. The bank had previously twice tried unsuccessfully to sell it by auction.

The property occupies land of 26 520 m2 while the building covers an area of ​​4 980 m2. It is about 80 years old and consists of 80 rooms in two wings while there is another additional building with an area of ​​280 m2 and restaurant 200 m2. It is built with a combination of stone and reinforced concrete and stone masonry.

 It is worth noting that the hotel is currently in very poor condition, as part of it has been demolished due to rain and snow.

Легендарный отель Легендарный отель

More details about purchasing of the legendary hotel, available here

Photos: DOM LiVE
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