Inspectors close 7 building sites, fine 6 individuals

Инспекторы Министерства труда закрыли еще 7 стройплощадок на Кипре
13 May 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Up till 2 pm, inspectors carried out a total of 750 checks, of which 655 of shops. There they found a satisfactory level of compliance but there were cases of inadequate signage, particularly on the floor., according to an official announcement.

The remaining 95 checks were of construction sites where compliance was found to be average.

At some sites there were no sanitary and washing facilities, masks were not being used where they were required, workers were not keeping a distance from each other and had not been briefed on protection measures.

The inspectors closed seven construction sites — three in Nicosia and four in Limassol. They also issued six out of court fines to individuals working at four construction sites in Nicosia and two in Limassol.

Inspectors will continue their checks and where required will issue sanctions prescribed by law (out of court fines, legal action and suspension of operations), the announcement concluded.

Source: In-Cyprus

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