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14 December 2020

The Eden City project is finally cancelled

Plans, planning, and developments in the coastal area of ​​the Municipality of Geroskipou have been substantially limited to the Archdiocese's hotel development, finalizing the long-standing wreck of the seven billion development of Eden City. The specific project, the mayor of Geroskipou, has been officially and permanently abandoned, and the Municipality of Geroskipou has already prepared its plan for the exploitation of this area, which was submitted to the competent state departments.

Michalis Pavlidis revealed that for a year and a half, the municipal authority had prepared a comprehensive development plan in the coastal area of ​​the municipality where Eden City would be created, which includes the expansion and enrichment of the municipal sports center, which currently concerns the football stadium and the swimming pool, the creation of a bicycle track, a bicycle repair station, bicycle paths, and other sports developments.

"The Municipality of Geroskipou has submitted this plan and expects the transfer of land from the state to it to promote the projects," said Mr. Pavlidis. "Already, within the week, we will have a meeting with the competent state departments in Nicosia to discuss this issue. The municipality considers that this plan should be supported by the state, since the long delay and finally the shipwreck with the Hungarian investor for Eden City resulted in our coastal area remaining unused for years, waiting for the specific project ".

The planning of the billions now remains in the coastal area of ​​Geroskipou, the Archdiocese development, which finally provokes reactions and constant contacts since it touches on the antiquities found in the area.

The mayor of Geroskipou also revealed to "F" that the municipality had reached an agreement with ETEK for the scientific body to act as an auxiliary and advisory to the municipal authority on the extensive development planned by the municipality and its central web after the purchase. Of the old KEN Paphos.

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