Construction of New Church Frozen in Paphos

В Пафосе заморожено строительство нового храма
25 October 2021 DOM LiVE

The Cyprus Department of the Environment has frozen the construction of a new church in Paphos.

According to the department, this project has a negative impact on the development area. In particular, it contributes to the felling of trees and the destruction of the ecosystem.

Due to the construction of a new church complex, builders are forced to cut down green spaces in a vast area. In addition, it is not completely clear where the parking will be located, which suggests further extermination of trees and shrubs in the neighboring area, - said a representative of the Cyprus Department of the Environment.

As you may know, the construction of a church with a capacity of 350 people was the idea of ​​the local bishop. According to the release, the total area of ​​the building site is 14,382 m2, the site on which the church should be erected is 1,900.19 m2, the main building is 699.3 m2, the covered veranda is 73.55 m2, the bell tower is 25.59 m2, toilets are 38 m2.

By the way, it was made clear to the bishop that if they want the project to be approved, then the following changes must be made:

  1. reduce the area of ​​the main building to 400 m2
  2. reduce the area of ​​the other buildings to 160 m2
  3. submit new architectural plans of the project to the head of the department for control with the above changes.

Otherwise, that is, if the above conditions are not accepted, the project cannot be implemented.

В Пафосе заморожено строительство нового храма

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