Department of Environment Approves Construction of New PV Park in Cyprus

Департамент охраны окружающей среды одобрил строительство нового фотоэлектрического парка на Кипре
17 June 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

A large photovoltaic park that will convert solar energy into electricity using special panels may be built in Cyprus.

Cyprus Department of the Environment approved on Wednesday, 17 June the construction of a new project owned by Gianko 1 Solar Ltd.

According to the release, a grandiose power plant, which will operate using the latest photovoltaic energy technologies, will appear in the village of Dhora (Dora), Limassol district. Several thousand solar panels with a capacity of 5 MW will be installed here. This will allow residents of the surrounding area to reduce their energy bills.

The photovoltaic park will occupy an area of ​​8100 m2, and the energy that it will generate at its maximum total capacity will amount to 11,230 MWh / year.

As stated in the related Environmental Impact Assessment Study (ΜΕΕΠ), the ultimate goal of the project is to help meet the region's energy needs and reduce the country's dependence on imported and non-renewable energy sources.

It is worth noting that the Department's decision caused outrage from representatives of environmental organizations, who opposed the construction of the photovoltaic park.

The reason for the violent reaction of the greens was the proximity of the future development to the territory of the Natura 2000 Special Conservation Zone, which was created in accordance with Council Directive 92/43 / EEC of May 21, 1992 to preserve the natural habitat.

In particular, just 550 meters from the site is the Kha Potami Dam, home to migrating wild birds of the genus Pernis apivorus, Milvus migrans, Circus aeruginosus, Circus macrourus, Circus pygargus, Buteo buteo, Falco naumanni, Falco naumanni.

In addition, the greens are alarmed by the fact that several trees and vineyards need to be cut down in order to implement the project. In general, according to the Green party, the construction of a new photovoltaic park will have a number of negative consequences, including: land use change and changes in the natural landscape at the top of the hill, fragmentation and disruption of the habitat of certain bird species that constantly nest on the dam.

The Federation of Environmental Organisations of Cyprus (NGOs) takes a negative stance on the proposed project as its construction and operation are expected to have serious negative and long-term impacts on the Natura 2000 protected area, said Klitos Papastylianou, Scientific and Administrative Officer of the Federation of Environmental Organizations of Cyprus.

Департамент охраны окружающей среды одобрил строительство нового фотоэлектрического парка на Кипре

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