Paphos Pharmaceutical Technology Park is in an exposure

Строительство Фармацевтического технологического парка в Пафосе оказалось под угрозой срыва
9 December 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

It seemed in the last two years that the process for the creation of a Pharmaceutical Technology Park in Paphos, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, has come to a close. The ups and downs in the economy due to the crown seem to be pushing this as well. The ambitious goal in the Greek calendars.

In recent months, any meetings and contacts of papyrus agents with Chinese officials during which the park's issue was the main topic of discussion have stopped. At the same time, the consultations with the authorities of the city in which the largest Pharmaceutical Park of the vast country operates have stopped, intending to complete the procedures for the promotion and implementation of the park, specialize in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical industry, Biological Medicine and medical equipment.

The promotion of the plans took place during a three-year visit of a delegation of the Paphos Chamber to China, and the beginning of contacts with representatives of the administration of Life Health Industrial Park in Changzhou, the Memorandum of Understanding signed in the Chinese city to evaluate and promote cooperation Paphos and the Chinese pharmaceutical giant would jointly promote the procedures for the creation of the Pharmaceutical and Technology Park in an area of ​​the Province.

The purpose of this cooperation would be to promote the creation of a Technology, Science Park in the Province of Paphos specializing in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical industry, Biological Medicine, and medical equipment to encourage the ProvinceProvince as a research and development center.

Life Health Industrial Park in Changzhou, China, is part of the Changzhou National Hi-Tech District and covers ​​11.5 square kilometers. It is a scientific and technological center specializing in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, health food products, and medical equipment manufacture. 

These plans, however, are now in doubt, if not permanently canceled, for an unknown period.

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