New Tourist Complexe Gets Green Light In Lefkara

В Лефкаре разрешили строительство интегрированных туристических комплексов
6 January 2022 DOM LiVE

Construction of 3-story integrated tourist complexes (1,500 seats and 100,000 m2 area) got the green light in Lefkara, the most popular village of Cyprus.

In accordance with the provisions of the local development plan, the facilities that will be built in the village in the near future will be independent units offering guests various services: from accommodation to entertainment. They are expected to make a significant contribution to the enrichment of the tourism product both in the region and at the national level.

The following criteria will be applied to such projects:

  1. The building should be of high quality (from the aesthetic and functional side), with extensive open spaces and green spaces.
  2. The structure, organization and development opportunities provided ensure the creation of specialized tourist services. 
  3. The total number of beds should not exceed 1500. 
  4. The net building area should be at least 100,000 m2. 
  5. The maximum building coefficient should be 0.20:1 - for tourist accommodation facilities and 0.05:1 - for additional entertainment facilities.
  6. The coefficient of growth coverage should not exceed 0.15:1. The maximum height of buildings is 8.30 meters (2 floors). Exception: hotels, the height of which can be 3 floors.
  7. The land that will be provided for construction in order to create public open spaces should make up 20% of the total building area.
  8. The place where the development will be carried out should be considered suitable from a spatial and ecological point of view. 
  9. The project should fit into the area and be part of the natural, historical, archaeological or traditional environment of the area.
  10. Both tourist accommodation facilities and projects to expand tourist services must have a single design, fall under the same application for planning permission, and be built simultaneously. 

It should be noted that in order to issue a permit for the construction of an integrated tourist complex, the developer will need to conduct a preliminary study to assess the environmental impact of his project in accordance with the provisions of the legislation, as well as, at the request of the department, a traffic study in the area of the proposed development.

Lefkara was recently recognized by the World Tourism Organization as the best tourist village.

The secrets of Lefkara are as follows:

  1. First of all, it's very beautiful here! The village and the surrounding area lie at the foot of a mountain system, the village is full of hills with panoramic views.
  2. Secondly, Lefkara is a living old Cyprus. In fact, it is a maze of narrow streets of the old structure, unchanged for several centuries, and houses with architecture from different eras.
  3. Thirdly, Lefkara village is an 'honest place'. It does not imitate old times to please tourists — it exists in the natural form of ancient buildings that have become residential buildings, shops, churches and workshops; family crafts: silver and linen lace, in which the Cypriots' ideas of harmony and natural beauty are embedded.

В Лефкаре разрешили строительство интегрированных туристических комплексов

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