Construction Of Largest Planetarium In Cyprus According To Schedule

Строительство нового грандиозного планетария на Кипре идет согласно утвержденному графику
4 January 2022 Liza Medvetskaya

Work on the construction of a new large planetarium in Nicosia has been completed by 60%.

If there are no force majeure, it will open its doors to the first visitors in September 2022. Currently, the project is being built according to the approved schedule. 

Строительство нового грандиозного планетария на Кипре идет согласно утвержденному графику

The stunning planetarium will be the largest not only in Cyprus, but also in the entire eastern Mediterranean.

The planetarium will consist of three buildings, which will house an exhibition hall, several rooms for conferences and lectures, a special area for theatrical and musical events, a hall for astronomical observations, office space, as well as a library.

A distinctive feature of the planetarium will be a huge spherical dome, which with the help of digital technologies will recreate the projection of the starry sky from the inside.

But the most important thing is that the new planetarium will be equipped with a modern telescope, thanks to which it will also function as an observatory.

Visitors to the planetarium will be able to observe constellations and various celestial bodies at any time. A powerful helioscope will also be installed in the building. It will allow you to safely observe an eclipse, planetary transit, sunspots. In addition, pupils, students and teachers will be able to work, spend time and gain new knowledge in the new complex.

The total area of the complex will be about 900 m2, and the diameter of the planetarium will be 20 m. The planetarium can accommodate up to 175 people at a time. The project was designed by architect Angelos Savvidis, its construction is carried out by the company T&O Planetarium of Cyprus, which belongs to the Russian oligarch Vyacheslav Zarenkov. It is he who acts as a sponsor of the project. It should be mentioned that earlier Zarenkov financed the construction of the church of the Apostle Andrew and All Russian Saints in the diocese of Tamasos in Cyprus. 

According to preliminary estimates, the cost of the planetarium is about 10 million euros.

Строительство нового грандиозного планетария на Кипре идет согласно утвержденному графику

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