Salt Lake City In Larnaca Meets Problem

Строительство масштабного комплекса Salt Lake City в Ларнаке оказалась под угрозой срыва
9 December 2021 DOM LiVE

The construction of a large-scale Salt Lake City complex in Larnaca was under threat of disruption.

On Thursday, December 9, the Cyprus Department of Environment demanded from Avolo Properties make significant changes to the project.

During a comprehensive study of the complex, it was concluded that the project can only continue if specific measures are implemented to mitigate the environmental impact in the area of the Natura 2000 network and Lake Aliki.

By the way, one of the conditions for obtaining a license from the department was to reduce the height of buildings by 10 m.

In addition, measures include:

  1. Reduction of transparent surfaces in open exterior parts of buildings (for example, by using alternative opaque materials).
  2. Prohibition on the use of floodlights during the construction phase.
  3. Landscaping around buildings in such a way as to create a photo fence of vegetation that prevents light scattering.
  4. All light sources in the exterior lighting on all floors should be directed downward, and the lamps should be properly covered with opaque covers.
  5. All exterior lighting in public places must be equipped with motion sensors or timers.
  6. In the windows that will face the Salt Lake of Larnaca, glasses with low permeability should be used so that the interior lighting is not directed towards the lake.

As you may know, Avolo Properties submitted to the environmental protection authority an environmental impact Assessment Study (MEEP) of the Salt Lake City project in 2020.

According to the release, the complex should be located in Skala, Larnaca. According to the initial project, the first, second and third floors will be given over to restaurants, bars, exhibition halls and art workshops.

75-meter towers will be connected at the level of the seventh and eighth floors by a bridge, into which a restaurant with a swimming pool will be built. From the ninth to the 17th floors will be occupied by apartments: There are 16 studios and the same number of one-bedroom apartments, 54 two-bedroom apartments, 16 three-bedroom apartments and 20 four-bedroom apartments.

The complex will have three underground levels with 1,169 parking spaces, including 72 for disabled cars and 66 for bicycles. The beauty and health center will be located on the minus ground floor.

The Salt Lake City project was developed by the architectural bureau Archtube. The idea for the design of the towers was the process of salt crystallization, which can be observed on the Aliki salt lake. Therefore, the towers resemble salt crystals.

The estimated cost of the project is estimated at 75 million euros. And the implementation period should be 40 months.

Строительство масштабного комплекса Salt Lake City в Ларнаке оказалась под угрозой срыва

Строительство масштабного комплекса Salt Lake City в Ларнаке оказалась под угрозой срыва

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