Central Bank of Cyprus Publishes Report on Deposits and Loans for Month of April

Центробанк Кипра опубликовал отчёт по депозитам и кредитам за апрель 2021 года
31 May 2021 DOM LiVE
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The Central Bank of Cyprus presented on Monday, May 31 a report on the status of loans and deposits in the banking system of Cyprus for the month of April.

According to the country's main financial institution, the number of deposits in local banks increased in the second spring month, while a number of loans, on the contrary, decreased.


The volume of deposits in the Cypriot banking system registered a net increase of €233.1 million in April 2021, compared to a net increase of €270.2 million in March 2021.

The annual growth rate was 2.3% (up from 1.7% in March 2021). The balance of deposits in April 2021 reached €48.4 billion, showing the highest level for the last 13 months.

Deposits in Cyprus in April 2021 rose to €39.83 billion from €39.62 billion in March, while deposits of residents of the eurozone remained at €2.48 billion. The volume of deposits of third-country nationals decreased in April to €6.1 billion from €6.3 billion in March.


The total volume of new loans in April 2021 recorded a net decrease of €78.6 million, compared to a net decrease of €19.9 million in March 2021. The annual growth rate was 1.6% (1.9% in March 2021).

The total loan balance in April 2021 fell to a record low of €31.3 billion.

Consumer loans in April increased by 3.1% compared with an increase of 1% in March, in the residential sector the growth was 5.1% from 5%, and in business - 2.8% from 3.3 %.

Центробанк Кипра опубликовал отчёт по депозитам и кредитам за апрель 2021 года

The Central Bank stressed that the moratorium on the payment of loan contributions, introduced by the decree of the Minister of Finance in January 2021, had a slight additional impact on the above changes in loans.

By the way, the suspension of installment payments related to loans provided by monetary institutions to households and non-financial companies in the amount of €56.9 million. As a result of an increase in deposits and a decrease in loans, the liquidity of the Cyprus financial system reached €17.1 billion.
Source: stockwatch.com.cy
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