Delay for port - marina Larnaca

Реконструкция марины Ларнаки снова переносится?
27 October 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The signing of the port's assignment and the Larnaca marina between the Ministry of Transport and the Kition Ocean Holding consortium will delay a few more weeks. 

The reason for the new delay lies in confusion with the rules regarding expropriation, etc. Ministry of Transport, responsibility is assigned to the Ministry.

According to the information, the Ministry of Transport followed the easy path, i.e., copying the corresponding assignment of the port of Limassol by the Port Authority to the Ministry of Transport, and was adapted for Larnaca's case. However, there were peculiarities, especially about the form of expropriations covered by the land to be granted to the private investor and other details that were in the Limassol agreement but do not meet the terms of the new Larnaca agreement.

Thus, while the Ministry of Transport and the Ports Authority's agreement was scheduled to be reviewed and approved by the Council of Ministers last week, the approval was postponed. The corrected agreement was prepared and signed by both parties, to be presented to the Council of Ministers by the Minister of Transport, probably in the next meeting within the next few days. 

Реконструкция марины Ларнаки снова переносится?

Shortly afterward, the Kition Ocean Holding consortium will be invited to sign the contract for the development and management of the Larnaca port and marina and the surrounding area.

Under the current circumstances, this is expected to happen at the end of the week or early next year. Note that the schedule was scheduled initially for signatures in the first ten days of October, but there was a delay leading to the last days of the month or early November.

After the signing of the assignment, the Port Authority and "Kition Ocean Holding Ltd" will start cooperating with each other to proceed with a port transfer and delivery plan, which should be completed within 12 months. It should be fully satisfied. Smooth and imperceptible to port users the change in its management. 

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