Real estate of foreign owners in Paphos covered with a wave of robberies

Недвижимость иностранных владельцев в Пафосе накрыло волной грабежей
21 December 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The police and local authorities in the province of Paphos are again causing headaches due to the many houses that remain unattended at this time as they belong to foreigners who do not live permanently in Cyprus and who, due to pandemic restrictions, are not able to visit them as often as usual. Although the situation has begun to come under control with the tightening of measures in recent times, the frequent allegations of burglary and theft from this type of accommodation have re-mobilized the authorities.

A competent source confirmed that the Paphos Police is preparing a plan to monitor hundreds of homes and, in fact, entire areas in communities where there is a strong presence of foreigners and villas belonging to foreign non-residents.

Недвижимость иностранных владельцев в Пафосе накрыло волной грабежей

The phenomenon is incredibly intense, said the source, in areas such as Tala, Pegeia, Kouklia, and to a lesser extent in suburban communities of the Municipality of Paphos, such as the recent case of burglary and theft of luxury watches in Geroskipou.

At these points and based on the elaborated planning, the patrols by police officers have already intensified 24 hours a day. Simultaneously, coordination is now made with the residential separation authorities and with volunteers such as the Neighborhood Observers to bring under control the situation to send the message to the illegals that the absence of the owners does not imply and that these properties are an "open vineyard."

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