PASYKAF Announces Results of Architectural Competition for Construction of Medical Center in Nicosia

PASYKAF объявила результаты архитектурного конкурса на строительство медицинского центра в Никосии
7 December 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (ΠΑΣΥΚΑΦ) has announced the results of an architectural competition for the construction of a new medical center for the treatment of cancer patients in Nicosia.

The jury, which included experts from various areas of the construction industry, evaluated all the submitted works and awarded first place to the project of Ioakim Loizas Architects. They will receive 15,000 euros as a prize for their project.

It is expected that a new 2-story medical center will be built in the area of Agios Dimitrios, Strovolos. Its area will be about 3333 m2.

The Ioakim Loizas Architects project is based on a central space that will become the heart of the new clinic, visitors will gather here daily in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to chat, exchange opinions, drink coffee and tell each other about their emotions. 

Operating rooms, various departments, an intensive care unit, a hospital, doctors' offices, a canteen and a library will be concentrated around this central core.

The architects paid special attention to green spaces that will be harmoniously integrated into the project.

An open courtyard and a landscaped garden, through which the building will be filled with light, will create an atmosphere of peace necessary for the psychosynthesis of each visitor and the treatment of patients. And wooden furniture will give the rooms comfort and warmth. The partitions between the offices will be made of easily sliding structures, so they can be deployed during future redevelopment of the building. 

Access to the medical center will be provided through the entrance located on the north side. There is also a spacious parking lot for visitors. The project also provides for structures to ensure unhindered access of disabled people and other groups of the population with limited mobility.

The cost of the project is estimated at 4.5 million euros + VAT.

PASYKAF объявила результаты архитектурного конкурса на строительство медицинского центра в Никосии

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