Olympia Sport Resort: New 5-star Hotel Complex in Larnaca

Olympia Sport Resort: новый 5-звездочный гостиничный комплекс в районе Ларнаки
4 December 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

On Friday, December 3, Cyprus Department of Environment approved the construction of Olympia Sport Resort, a large 5-star hotel complex.

The project will include a modern hotel and 11 luxury villas, which will be built by Browneye Properties Ltd near the village of Alaminos in the Larnaca area.

According to the release, the hotel block with a basement and a ground floor will have 463 rooms with 926 beds.

The spacious and comfortable rooms will be decorated in an elegant modern style and decorated in pleasant pastel colors, and the balconies will offer a magnificent panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. The design and interior of each room has been carefully thought out and designed to offer guests a unique luxurious lifestyle.

The hotel also provides: exhibition hall, restaurants, kitchens, bar, shops, warehouses, toilets, swimming pool, gym, offices. In addition, 6 tennis courts and 3 football fields, locker rooms and a chapel will be on the territory of Olympia Sport Resort. There will be underground parking for 324 cars.

As for the territory of the hotel, it will be landscaped with various trees and shrubs. Thanks to them, the exterior of buildings will look more attractive, and will acquire individual features.

It is worth noting that the complex will be built in the coastal strip, which falls into the tourist zone T3b and runs next to the riverbed of the Xeropotamos River. In this regard, after the approval of the project by the Water Development Department, in parallel with the western boundary of the development, it is planned to build a canal to divert rainwater from the studied area.

It is expected that all the necessary infrastructure for the project will be completed in 2 years from the date of commencement of work. The hotel will be open all year round.

At this stage, the area where the Olympia Sport Resort will appear is not very developed, since it mainly has agricultural fields and there are no major infrastructure developments. Nevertheless, it is possible that in the future there will be a number of commercial and tourist facilities, such as restaurants and cafes, in connection with the construction of a new hotel complex.

Olympia Sport Resort: новый 5-звездочный гостиничный комплекс в районе Ларнаки

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