Odyssey: New Business Center In Nicosia

Odyssey: новый бизнес-центр в Никосии
4 January 2022 DOM LiVE

Odyssey: a new business center will appear in Nicosia.

The snow-white 6-story building will be erected in Latsia, Nicosia, near the head offices of banks, headquarters of government organizations, offices of large international companies, insurance companies and restaurants.

The project was developed by the architectural bureau Eraclis Papachristou Architects. Architects Eraclis Papachristou and Andriani Souzou were inspired by the idea of creating a house that looks like a rubik's cube.

According to the idea, the building will contrast favorably against the urban background, thanks to white facades with green spaces.

Straight and clear lines will create the effect of a building floating above the ground. Odyssey will be especially noticeable at night, thanks to the backlight. This will make the building even more transparent and radiant. A deep and precise incision, neatly "cut" inside the original cube, will become a place for flora, which will provide a soft barrier between the main and secondary volumes. 

The building area will be 3,100 m2.

A commercial high-rise of international standards will meet all the needs of the modern business community. As expected, this work of high aesthetic and technological standards will undoubtedly decorate the city landscape of Nicosia and enrich the architectural culture of Cyprus. 

Odyssey will become a home for large international companies and organizations from all over the world who want to be in the thick of events and have a prestigious office, as well as one of the most futuristic office buildings in the capital. It will provide easy access to the city center and the main highway.

The construction of the new business center will begin immediately after receiving all necessary permits.

Odyssey: новый бизнес-центр в Никосии

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