Mr. Nuris: no questions for City of Dreams Mediterranean and Wargaming employees

Нурис: к сотрудникам City of Dreams Mediterranean и Wargaming не может быть никаких вопросов
11 December 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The Auditor-General in 2016 sent his Officers to the Ministry of Interior and conducted a targeted investigation into the naturalized companies of Wargaming. Still, we were never informed if there was anything wrong, said the Minister of Interior, Nikos Nouris, adding that he believes that if there was, anything was published in 2016. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke after the end of today's session of the Parliamentary Audit Committee. When asked about the naturalizations given to the casino management company and the Wargaming company, there may be no investigation issues against them. There is the annoyance that is the subject of public debate. However, there is an obligation for all naturalized people to be continuously monitored based on procedures.

Responding to questions from media representatives, he said that the EU had substantially challenged the philosophy of the Cyprus Investment Program, which linked the granting of Cypriot passports to the investment base. "And it is for this reason that the Cypriot Government, respecting the position of the European Commission and, of course, with what has been made public, we decided to end the program. "And we have made it clear our political position that there is no possibility of coming back with a program that links citizenship to investment."

Нурис: к сотрудникам City of Dreams Mediterranean и Wargaming не может быть никаких вопросов

He also mentioned that two specific procedures are in progress.

"The first is the research process of the Research Committee with extended responsibilities. "This committee should be left to complete its work," he said, adding that the committee has all the responsibilities that will allow the proper investigation of the issue.

Referring to the second procedure, he said that "it must be understood that the infringement procedure, which is ongoing against the Republic of Cyprus and which we are in progress and we are responding to, should make us very careful about what public information we give.» As the Attorney General of the Republic stated in writing, some elements may constitute a differentiation of the case against the Republic, he added.  

Regarding the revocations of naturalizations, the Interior Minister said that the data had been given to the investigative committee. "During my presence at the Ministry of Interior, the process of revoking two cases last June and some cases mentioned in the Kalogirou report, which I have submitted to the Council of Ministers, has begun." The process is ongoing, he said.

He stressed that if there were many revocations, it would mean that the procedures were very wrong before. "What I can repeat is that at the time the applications were submitted, all the appropriate procedures were followed," he noted. He explained that if an infringement is registered after the approval of naturalization, this does not mean that it burdens the competent authority that has issued the passport. Regulations and changes in the legislation passed last July have been forwarded to the House of Representatives. According to them, the authority must carry out a thorough check-up process up to ten years after the passport was issued to check the people to whom the passport was issued. 

Speaking on the Ministry of Interior issues, the Minister referred to a specific area that concerns the dispute, and the Moneyval service raised that. "He demonstrated last year that the Government, and consequently the Ministry of Interior, should regulate the issues of the registration of the Associations and the way they operate in the Republic," he said. "On October 26 this year, the period given with multiple extensions to the Associations to register with the Registrar has expired," he said, adding that this is why "today we are proceeding with a process that will, unfortunately, have to delete more than 3800 unions. which have not complied with this call for legislation to be entered in the register ". The aim is to dispel any suspicions about the issues, such as money laundering. "We do not want a new Moneyval report to be repeated next year stating that there was no compliance with this process," he said.

The Interior Ministry is currently preparing a series of procedures for enforcing the notification and appeal in co-operation with the state Legal Service, he said, adding that the list of those deleted will be made public.

As for the parliamentary parties that ask for all the details of the naturalizations given to the Auditor General for the state budget to pass, the Minister said that he does not refuse to provide anything to anyone. "On the contrary, today, with my presence in Parliament, although I had the opportunity not to attend, according to the opinion of the Attorney General, out of respect for a parliamentarian, I am here to answer any questions," he noted.

He added that he did not care about parliamentary parties saying that they would not vote on the state budget, calling on the Interior Minister to violate the Government's legal adviser's directive, the Attorney General, by giving information that he should not provide. "So there is no question of a dilemma. It is a matter of political decision. Suppose some people think that they want to vote against the state budget. In that case, they should at the same time explain to the world the consequences and the vibrations that it will have in the economy, but more to the ordinary citizens, whether it concerns salaries, pensions, allowances or "The development of This concern projects," said Mr. Nouris.

In closing, he stressed that both the Ministry of Interior and the Government and the Auditor General have the same legal advisor, calling on the Auditor General, in case of dispute, to ask the Attorney General to confirm the obvious, as he said.

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