New Projects in Nicosia and Agios Dometios

Никосия получит субсидию в размере 11 млн евро на реставрацию зданий и создание новой инфраструктуры
28 July 2020 Angelica Michael

The infrastructure projects being promoted as well as the Business Support Plan for the Municipalities of Nicosia and Agios Dometios were presented on Monday by the Minister of Interior Nikos Nouris.

Specifically, the new program set specific goals for the improvement of both the natural and structured environment, the cultural infrastructure, the provision of public services but also the continuation of the encouragement of entrepreneurship, and the initiative that the private sector is developing.

The Council of Ministers has already approved the plans and the required expenditures for the implementation of the objectives of the new 2017-2020 Four-Year Program.

Infrastructure projects with state sponsorship for the Municipality of Nicosia amounting to 9,000,000 euro.

For the Municipality of Agios Dometios the amount of state sponsorship for projects in the territory of the Municipality amounts to 2,000,000 euro.

To this 11,000,000 million euro another 50,000 euro should be added for the purchase of the services of a Designer/Architect who will oversee the projects as well as the amount of 5,000 euro for the publication and promotion of the program.

The 9 total projects that are being subsidized in the Municipality of Nicosia are:

1. Purchase of property “STOA”.

2. City Council Hall.

3. Restoration of former “EKATE” building.

4. Restoration of the former Municipal Baths building.

5. Improvement of Rigainis Street.

6. Restoration of the former D’Avila Town Hall building.

7. Maintenance of the Laiki Geitonia.

8. Wholesale market maintenance.

9. Purchase of the Centre of Fine Arts (CVAR) property.

 For the Agios Dometios Municipality, 3 projects will be subsidised:

1. The renovation and repair of Dimadi houses and their conversion into a cultural and exhibition centre.

2. The construction of an outdoor amphitheatre.

3. The construction of a road network around the parcels in which the outdoor amphitheatre will be constructed.

Source: Philenews

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