New tower on Makariou Avenue in Limassol

В Лимассоле появится новый небоскреб Neocleous Tower
19 September 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

In the parish of Agios Nektarios, on Makarios GD Avenue, in the Municipality of Limassol, the construction of a tall building called Neocleous Tower, owned by A. Neocleous Holding Llc, is planned. The project's environmental study was presented at a meeting of the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee last Tuesday. 

The proposed project concerns the construction and operation of a mixed-use tower, which will consist of 25 floors and four basements, to create office space. The development will include a wide range of different uses, such as cafeteria, business center/club, gym, apartments, gardens, multipurpose hall, reception hall, parking lots, and engineering floors. The total height of the proposed building will be 120 meters above ground level.

The estimated cost of the entire project amounts to a total of approximately € 24 000 000.

Construction work on the project is expected to begin in 2020 and lasts about 2.5 years.

The development plot falls into two Urban Zones, the Residential Zone Ka4 (64%) and the Zone of Commercial and other activities outside the densely populated area of Ev2 (36%). The site is already quite developed, and the study area includes many different developments and types of land uses, with mixed residential, office, and commercial uses more prevalent.

The Environmental Impact Assessment Study (MEEP) was conducted by the Planning, Traffic and Environment Consulting House "ALA Planning Partnership Consultancy LLC." The study's findings indicate that the analysis of environmental parameters made small and moderate, temporary adverse effects that will be limited during the construction work. Moderate and significant effects are expected during the project's operation, which should be carefully and rationally managed. However, it is noted that with the implementation of the Mitigation Measures proposed, the effects are expected to be reduced to acceptable levels.

After the implementation, the effects that are expected to remain at levels above the usual, during the Construction period of the project are: 

  • Emissions of Suspended Particles (Dust). 
  • Μενος Noise generated by the mechanical equipment and vehicles of the construction site during the Operation period of the project 
  • Changes in the character of the landscape. 
  • Shading of the surrounding area from the construction of the project. 
  • Changes in the hydrological characteristics of the plot due to the sealing of the soil. 
  • Upgrading the quality of the built environment (positive impact). 
  • The proposed project expects to improve and upgrade the area while it will exploit land that needs upgrading.

В Лимассоле появится новый небоскреб Neocleous Tower

The development plot is located within walking distance of various land use and development elements of Limassol's Municipality, such as homes, offices, and parking lots.

The proposed development will include, in total, 110 parking spaces, of which seven will be designed for use by people with disabilities. These spaces will be formed in the four basements and ground floor of the project.

Specifically, the parking spaces for the disabled will be configured on the ground floor, while the remaining parking spaces will be located on the four basements. Also, eight bicycle parking spaces will be installed on the basements.

The nearest main watercourse is located about 100 meters north of the project's development plot, which has been underground (Argaki Vathia). It is worth mentioning that the growth plot falls within a Zone that is Sensitive to Nitrate Pollution. Near the project, the beach "Akti Olympion A" at a distance of about 730 meters to the southeast. Also, at a distance of 700 meters from the project, there is Beach Protection Zone to the southeast.

The geotechnical study was carried out for the Neocleous Tower project by Geoinvest Ltd. The aquifer is located at a depth of 17.90 meters from the surface of the existing ground and is lower than the building's foundation level. 

Based on the geotechnical report's conclusions, no aquifer degradation is foreseen at the construction stage. There is no question of preparing a water management plan resulting from the aquifer's degradation during the construction. 

The roof at a slope of 42 degrees for the installation of photovoltaics

It is noted that the floors 22–25 consist of a space of mechanical structures, each one of an area of ​​100 m2. While the rest of ​​these floors' site is empty and gradually decreases, creating a curve that allows the roof to have a larger size to create more space for the installation of photovoltaic panels. For this purpose, the top of the building will be at an inclination of 42 degrees.

It is planned to install photovoltaic systems with an expected production efficiency of approximately 1,400 kWh / year / kWp, on average, connected to the grid by the net-metering method.

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