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13 November 2023

More than 85% of Cypriots live in their own houses and apartments

Eurostat experts analyzed the housing conditions in the EU member states in 2022.

It turned out that 85.2% of Cypriot residents live in their own houses and apartments, while 14.9% live in rented housing. These figures are close to the EU average.

Meanwhile, in 2021, the percentage of the Cypriot population living in rented accommodation was 14.6% and in their own houses and apartments was 85.4%. In 2019, the figures were 16.5% and 83.5%, respectively.

As for other countries, about 70% of Europeans live in their own homes. The remaining 30% rent their homes. The highest rate of homeownership was recorded in Romania, where 96% of the population lives in homes they own. Slovakia came in second place with 92%, followed by Croatia and Hungary with 91%. The highest percentage of residents renting housing was recorded in Germany (50%), Austria (45%) and Denmark (41%).

Более 85% киприотов проживают в собственных домах и квартирах

As a reminder, earlier Eurostat said that Cyprus is the leader among the EU countries with the least number of people living in overcrowded houses.

Only 2.5% of the island's population does not have enough living space compared to the size of the family and experiences inconvenience because of this. Cyprus is followed by Ireland (3.2%), Malta (4.2%) and the Netherlands (4.8%). Interestingly, many islanders live in under-populated dwellings.

An under-occupied dwelling is a dwelling that is considered too large for the needs of the occupant in terms of extra rooms, particularly bedrooms.

It is worth noting that 46.9% of residents of over-occupied properties in the EU are over 65 years of age. The most elderly people in such housing in Ireland (92.8%), Cyprus (87.4%) and Malta (86.7%). And the least - in Romania (12%), Latvia (13.3%), Croatia (16.9%) and Poland (17.8%).

The leader in terms of the proportion of people living in overcrowded housing is Romania (45.1%), followed by Latvia (42.5%), Bulgaria (39.5%), Poland (36.9%) and Croatia (36.2%)

In the EU as a whole, at least 17.5% of the population lives in overcrowded apartments, where the floor space to occupancy ratio is unsatisfactory.


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