McDonald's Opens in Limassol Old Port

В Старом порту Лимассола открылся McDonald's
13 November 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

McDonald's continues to develop actively in Cyprus.

On Friday, November 12, the 21st restaurant of the American corporation opened in the Old Port of Limassol.

The ceremony was attended by the mayor of the city Nicos Nicolaides, who cut the red ribbon. The event was attended by local deputies, officials and media representatives.

Visitors to the new McDonald's branch had the opportunity to see the new restaurant close – a completely new and functional space, as well as enjoy their favorite dishes and drinks.

Today we opened our 21st restaurant in a well-developed area of Limassol. I am glad that the first impressions of the visitors turned out to be more than positive, as well as the fact that the McDonald's family continues to grow, constantly offering new jobs. I believe that people will be delighted with the innovative services in the new restaurant, from its welcoming and functional space, which was designed in such a way that both young and elderly people would be comfortable and pleasant to be in McDonald's," said Elena Andreu, managing director of the new restaurant.

It is worth noting that during 2021, McDonald's has opened three new restaurants in Cyprus. And it looks like this is not the limit. By the end of 2021, the company's development plan provides for the opening of another branch next to the Jumbo store in Larnaca.

В Старом порту Лимассола открылся McDonald's

As you may know, the first McDonald's in Cyprus was opened in Larnaca on June 12, 1997.

The first portion of potatoes and nuggets at McDonald's was eaten by the Mayor of Larnaca and the regional operating director of McDonald's Tim Fenton.

McDonald's in Cyprus was opened by businessman Michalis Andreou. He was born in Cyprus, but lived for many years in Germany, where he was engaged in the restaurant business and successfully opened three McDonald's restaurants there.

McDonald's managers and ordinary employees from different countries – America, Greece, Egypt and Poland - were invited to open a restaurant in Cyprus. In the early days, there were so many customers in this fast food that 40 Cypriots who had previously been trained in Greece could not cope with the influx of visitors.

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