New luxury hotel in Limassol - Zaria Resor - Grand Hyatt

Новый роскошный отель и жилой комплекс Zaria Resort - Grand Hyatt  в Лимассоле
8 October 2020 Angelica Michael

Anolia Holdings Limited submitted the study for the development "ZARIA RESORT - GRAND HYATT LIMASSOL" to the Environment Department. 

The project to be carried out in Pyrgos's community in the province of Limassol consists of a hotel unit that includes the west and east wings. The two wings are 36.5 m high and consist of 8 floors and 300 rooms.

There is also a residential development in the east wing - a 16-storey tower (9th to 24th floor, with a total height of 109 meters), which consists of 40 apartments.

There are five different types of apartments with the following characteristics:

  • 9 one-bedroom apartments
  • 14 two-bedroom apartment,
  • 16 three-bedroom apartments
  • 1 penthouse

Both the hotel unit and residential development have separate, underground parking spaces.

Новый роскошный отель и жилой комплекс Zaria Resort - Grand Hyatt  в Лимассоле

Specifically, the hotel unit has three underground parking places with a total number of parking spaces of 242, of which eight places will serve the disabled. The residential development has an underground parking space in the third basement with 91 parking spaces and three disabled places.

The buildings' basements also include storage, engineering facilities, indoor swimming pool, spa, gym, cafeteria, reception areas, management and maintenance offices and changing rooms, kitchen, rooms, and suites with a private pool. 

The ground floor space includes the reception area, restaurant, and rooms. The hotel unit has two outdoor pools, a playground, a restaurant, and an outdoor banquet area.

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