Scandal Between Municipality and ERA Management Erupts in Paphos

В Пафосе разгорается скандал между муниципалитетом города и руководством сети универмагов ERA
26 September 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

A scandal between the city's municipality and the management of the ERA department store chain erupts in Paphos.

As it turned out, local authorities filed a complaint with the Paphos District Court, in which they accused CTC Group of unauthorized possession, use and operation of the building of the former shopping center Korivos, located opposite the Stelios Kyriakides stadium.

According to the municipality, the management of ERA, without the appropriate permission, arbitrarily makes large superstructures both in the building and in the parking lot.

The CTC Group received an order from the Paphos District Court, which says that the company is obliged to immediately stop all redevelopment in the building. The court demanded to provide the appropriate permits. The companies were given a period of 2 months for this.

In addition to the ruling, the District Court ruled against Ermes Department Stores Plc, Woolworth (Cyprus) Properties Plc and their directors for the ownership, use and operation of the building without the necessary permits issued by the competent authorities and the Paphos Municipality. The Paphos court also imposed fines on each of the directors of the companies.

In turn, ERA said on Friday that it has filed an appeal against the court's decision, noting that the company will comply with all relevant procedures, demanding all legal remedies and legal rights.

The CTC Group said that the blame for the lack of final approval for the construction lies with the municipality, which is unable to resolve the issue due to bureaucratic delays.

All procedures will be implemented and followed correctly and we will use our remedies. The blame for the delays lies entirely with the municipality of Paphos. For twenty years, we have maintained safe and smooth business operations, provided employment opportunities for 200 people and attracted more than two million visitors to our stores, ”reads the official message from ERA management.

As you may know, ERA department store (formerly Korivos), together with its subsidiary Superhome Center DIY, has been operating in Paphos since 2001.

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