New large sporting center in Nicosia

В Никосии появится крупномасштабный спортивный комплекс
7 May 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The Department of the Environment in Cyprus has already given the green light and the approval of the construction of the large-scale sporting center APPLEGYM in Nicosia.

The construction of the project is now expected to be completed within 12 to 18 months.

The sporting center belongs to the Chinese Wang family who is permanent residents of Cyprus and will be managed by coach Jaser Ayman.

APPLEGYM will be built opposite the premised of the TV station ALPHA in Latsia.

The main benefit is that it will offer a variety of group fitness programs for children as well as special programs for adults.

В Никосии появится крупномасштабный спортивный комплекс

Regarding the pricing policy based on the company’ business plan are the following:

  • For children aged 16 months to 3 years - a 45-minute course is designed to improve your child’s motor, auditory, and social skills through fun exercise and / or swimming activities (the parents will be actively involved with their child). The price is 50 EUR per month
  • For children aged 3 to 6 years in kindergartens – a 45-minute lesson in the introduction to basic gymnastic or swimming skills with 5 levels to be achieved. The price is 60 EUR / months for 2 sessions per week
  • For children aged 4 and over – 60-minute course consisting of basic, intermediate, and advanced fitness and swimming skills with 6 levels to be achieved. There are 10 students per instructor. The price is 60 EUR per month for 2 sessions per week
  • The 60-minute course for boys and girls to learn basically through advanced skills and tramline. There will be 12 students per instructor. This course for all children aged 10 and over. The price is 70 EUR per month for 2 sessions per week
  • Adult gymnastic – 60 -minute course is designed for those interested in learning or re-learning basic to intermediate skills. There are 15 students per instructor. This class will cost 80 EUR per month for 3 sessions per week
  • The 50-minute session is designed for advanced swimmers to acquire lifeguard skills. This program will cost 100 EUR per month for 3 sessions per week
  • Personal training.

Also, the cafeteria will provide indoor and outdoor services in the gym for parents who bring their children and for birthday parties and the fitness groups hosted at the facility.

They will provide the party room, decorations, and cleaning afterward. Parties maximum of 50 children and cost 200 EUR. It will take place on the weekend.

Source: Inbusinessnews

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