Large Sports Complex Daedalus Sport to Appear in Nicosia

В Никосии появится крупномасштабный спортивный комплекс Daedalus Sport
3 May 2021 DOM LiVE

Sports tourism is not something new for Cyprus. The interest of athletes in the country as a training ground is growing every year.

TP Mediterranean Adventures Ltd announced recently that they intend to build a large-scale sports complex in Nicosia called Daedalus Sport.

A new center will appear between the village of Meniko and Agios Ioannis. It will include all the necessary infrastructure for year-round training in field hockey, rhythmic gymnastics, tennis, football, athletics, basketball, volleyball and beach volleyball, Paralympic sports, cycling, triathlon, aviation, triathlon, handball, table tennis and even rock climbing.

The project includes:

  • runway for light aircraft,
  • landing area for parachutists,
  • aircraft parking and hangar,
  • a platform for training and equipment for free fall athletes,
  • covered area for free fall,
  • fitness center,
  • covered bike path,
  • indoor and outdoor pool,
  • indoor and outdoor restaurants and cafes,
  • the shops,
  • offices,
  • hall for events and seminars,
  • a sports center for children, which will house five training rooms and other support areas,
  • two football / hockey courts,
  • three football / hockey courts,
  • tennis court,
  • basketball / volleyball court,
  • motocross track,
  • gym for adults,
  • roller track.

Daedalus Sport is expected to be a venue that will attract top-level teams and athletes, providing them with everything they need to be ideally prepared for major sporting events.

It should be noted that at present the project is under consideration by public services, which, according to some sources, are very positive about its implementation. In addition, the City Planning Authority approved the construction of a hotel for athletes, which will be located on the territory of the complex. It is designed for 100 rooms, so it is assumed that during major competitions on the territory of Daedalus Sport, most of the athletes will stay in hotels in the capital, which will positively affect the hotel industry in Nicosia.

Daedalus Sport will also create an infrastructure for the training of athletes with disabilities.

Access from parking spaces to their living places, and from there to sports and entertainment areas will be made in such a way as to make their life more comfortable, as well as to be able to train at a high level using the specialized premises of the center, which will be able to receive teams of athletes with disabilities.

The theme sports park has already attracted the interest of the KOIOS Research Center of the University of Cyprus, which has agreed to permanent collaboration on the activities to be held in the theme park.

В Никосии появится крупномасштабный спортивный комплекс Daedalus Sport

The project cost is estimated at €40 million. Funds for the implementation of Daedalus Sport were provided by foreign investors, who noted that they believe in the success of the project.

There is no doubt that the new sports complex will bring great and significant benefits to local communities at all levels - economic, social and environmental. The region is expected to create 200 new jobs for young people in a range of professions in catering, sports tourism and, in particular, sports. After all, the main goal of the company that will manage the project is to hire as many people with mobility issues as possible.

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