Renaissance: Apartments, dormitories and shops in Limassol

В Лимассоле появится "Ренессанс" В Лимассоле появится "Ренессанс"
12 September 2020 DOM LiVE
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The construction of a large development with apartments, offices, student dormitories and shops is planned by GRIBLO INVESTMENTS LTD, in Limassol.

The environmental assessment study for the "Renaissance" project is before the Department of the Environment.

The proposed project concerns the construction and operation of a single mixed development, which will consist of a six-level building, including the mezzanine, as well as a single underground parking lot. 

The development will include the creation of commercial and office uses on the ground floor, as well as a cultural space / gallery on Solomonidis Street. 

Construction work is expected to begin in 2021 and be completed within 2023, and is scheduled to be completed in one phase. 

The proposed development falls under the Limassol Local Plan and is located within the administrative boundaries of the homonymous Municipality.

The northeastern end of the unified development is adjacent to Panou Solomonidis Street, the eastern end is adjacent to Karaiskaki and Bouboulinas Streets and its southeastern end is adjacent to Agiou Andreou Street.

В Лимассоле появится

The project consists of six-level buildings, not including the mezzanine, arranged in six parts, with the highest point reaching 27.3 m high.

The development is expected to house 400 people and employ 90 people in total.

The estimated cost of the project amounts to a total of approximately € 40 000 000.

The architects of the project are Marios Economidis and Maria Akkelidou.

On the ground floor of the project there will be commercial spaces (shops), as well as a cultural space / gallery.

Upstairs will be offices, residential units and dormitories. 

The supporting uses / facilities that will be included in the completed project consist of: 

  • Outdoor areas (ground floor) 
  • Fitness center (inside the hearth building) 
  • Swimming pools (Total six: 2 communal, ~ 100 m2 and 80 m2, and 4 private, ~ 30 m2 each, on the roof of the development).
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