A new stunning park in Zakaki

В Лимассоле в районе Закаки возведут новый потрясающий парк
3 December 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The Public Garden of western Limassol aspires to be created by the Municipality of Limassol in Zakaki, in a piece with a total area of ​​about 10 000 m2, located on Paul Gauguin Street, in Zakaki.

 According to a relevant announcement, the Mayor of Limassol, Nikos Nikolaidis, analyzed the vision of the Municipality in yesterday's public presentation of the study of the park, stating that the works will start within the new year and its construction cost will reach 600 000.

 The Mayor, at the same time, expressed his satisfaction because a series of decisions to upgrade western Limassol have begun to be implemented or are in advanced planning.

В Лимассоле в районе Закаки возведут новый потрясающий парк

"Neglected areas and neighborhoods for years, especially western Limassol shortly will have a new face with projects and services that will upgrade the living standards of citizens," he said. 

The park on Paul Gauguin Street was designed in collaboration with the ANBAU office, architect Alexandros Christofinis, architect Stelios Lakkotrypis and the artist Maria Lianou. 

 As the architects mentioned during the public presentation, this is a park-public space, familiar and structured for man, dedicated to searching for the simple life and the small needs of everyday life.

В Лимассоле в районе Закаки возведут новый потрясающий парк

The park will offer green walking paths and shady rest stops, play and sports, socializing, relaxation, public creative pursuits with cultural events, outdoor screenings, performances, etc. As they also explained, there will be the possibility of growing a vegetable garden and composting and cultivating the broader area from a raised floor.

 With the park's completion, the Municipality of Limassol aims to create a pole of attraction and socialization for the mostly residential area of ​​Zakaki. This project is part of the broader strategy of the Municipality to upgrade the neighborhoods of Limassol.

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