New large modern complex in Larnaca

В Ларнаке построят огромный современный жилой комплекс
6 July 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Organized residential development in the Municipality of Dromolaxia-Meneou, at a cost of € 80 million, is promoted by LEZANCO PROPERTIES LTD, with the project having been put to public consultation by the Department of Environment. The project is estimated to have the capacity to accommodate up to 1,550 people and is expected to attract mainly Cypriot buyers and especially young families. 

The project will consist of 479 residential units, with 37 being mansion-type dwellings and the remaining 442 being apartments developed in 13 apartment buildings, with their supporting spaces. There will also be a kindergarten, a kiosk-kiosk, a swimming pool, a club for residents, and an underground car park where their total area (sealed and not sealed from all floors, including the basement) will be 92,800 m2. 

The project will be developed southwest of Larnaca International Airport and west of the Municipality of Larnaca.

Each mansion will have three floors including the ground floor and will consist of three bedrooms. It will include a private garden with a swimming pool and a covered and uncovered parking space.

Each apartment building will consist of six residential floors, including the ground floor. On the ground floor, there will be two apartments of four bedrooms with two verandas and two apartments of two bedrooms with their own terrace. On the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth floors, there will be two apartments of three bedrooms, two of two bedrooms and two of one-bedroom, including a terrace in each apartment. The 13 apartment buildings are arranged around four elevated central gardens that cover the underground parking spaces.

The parking spaces on the ground floor are listed at 277 and are located around the apartment buildings and central park, with the 32 parking spaces being disabled and places for visitors. The underground car park with a total capacity of 343 parking spaces, halves the parking spaces on the ground floor, freeing up space for landscaping and green landscaped areas, with the aim of ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for children and adults. 

In the center of the project will be the private park which will include a swimming pool and three buildings for shared use, consisting of a nursery, a gazebo - a stand to serve the basic daily shopping of residents and finally the third building will It houses the club - a common place of contact - socialization of the inhabitants.

В Ларнаке построят огромный современный жилой комплекс

The daycare center has two floors (including the ground floor) and will include children's play and creative playrooms, as well as a specially designed outdoor playground.

The residents' club will consist of two floors, including the ground floor, and will include a living room, a bar, a gym, locker rooms that will serve the gym and users of the swimming pool. The offices of management/development management will occupy the first floor. 

The project is planned to be executed in four successive and distinct phases, with an expected construction time of each phase of two to two and a half years. On this basis, the estimated completion time of the project is expected to be a total of 8 to 10 years. The main element of accelerating or delaying the phases of the project is the intensity of demand for the offered houses.

The first phase will consist of four apartment buildings and seven mansions, in a part of the total development plot, covering an area of 17,123 m2. Following is the second phase that will be located in the part of the plot with an area of 16,311 m2, with the creation of three apartment buildings and 24 villas. The third phase concerns two apartment buildings and six mansions, as well as common areas. It will cover an area within the plot of 11,056 m2.

Finally, the construction of the project will be completed with the creation of the fourth phase and the construction of four apartment buildings within an area of 15,828 m2.


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