Two 45-meter High Buildings to Appear in Larnaca

В Ларнаке появятся два 45-метровых небоскрёба
3 February 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

Despite the cancellation of the Cyprus passport program and the coronavirus pandemic, some developers continue their activities as they used to.

The CYFIELD GROUP OF COMPANIES announced that they intend to build two 45-meter residential towers in Larnaca.

On Tuesday, February 2, the developer filed an application with the Cyprus Department of Natural Resources and Environment for a major development project.

The company intends to build a new complex within the administrative boundaries of the municipality of Larnaca, in the Skala area. The development site is located about 2 km south of the center of the municipality of Larnaca, about 1 km northwest of Makenzie beach, about 400 meters east of Larnaca salt lake and about 500 meters west of the marina Larnaca.

В Ларнаке появятся два 45-метровых небоскрёба

According to the release, the new complex will consist of two towers: A and B.

Each tower will have 11 floors, the height of which will be 44.9 meters. In total, the buildings will have 44 2-bedroom apartments.

In addition, the project provides for underground parking for residents of the complex. It will be located under the towers. Residents of building A will will have 23 parking spaces, 2 of which should be reserved for people with disabilities, and residents of building B will have 25 parking spaces, 2 of which will be reserved for people with disabilities.

The enclosed space of the Tower A first floor of Tower will occupy an area of ​​185 m2, and the enclosed ground floor of Tower B will occupy 218 m2.

The open area of ​​the first floor will be a single square of two buildings, on which there will be asphalted areas (1382 m2), a private green area (1158 m2) and a swimming pool (115 m2). Finally, the total area of ​​the building site will be 40,702 m2, with a coverage ratio of about 9% of the total area.

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