Three new skyscrapers in Larnaca

В Ларнаке подали заявки еще на три новых небоскреба
18 May 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The Environmental Authority is considering applications for the construction of three towers in the province of Larnaca in its first session after the resumption of the Commissions operation due to the measures taken to limit coronavirus.

The meeting of the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee will now be held in a new building in Engomi next to the Nicosia casino, where all the necessary safety and health measures of the attended will be observed.

Two projects will be examined for the construction and operation of multi-floor residential buildings of the Quality Group. The first project concerns a 12-floor building called “Best Western Marina” owned by Damera Trading. The second project - two multi-floor residential buildings of 10 and 12 floors names “Habitat” owned by Perisand Holdings Ltd.

The project aims to serve and host local and foreign tourists in luxury residential units and to provide services to them such as the gym and swimming pool. The construction cost will amount to 10 million EUR.

The proposed project of the company Perisand concerns the construction and operation of two multi-floors residential buildings with the name Habitat in the Municipality of Larnaca.  

В Ларнаке подали заявки еще на три новых небоскреба

Building A consists of 10 floors with a total height of 41 meters and building B consists of 12 floors with a total height of 52 meters. The main purpose of the proposed development is to serve and accommodate local and foreign tourists in luxury residential units and to provide services to them.

It is located within the boundaries of the Municipality of Larnaca in the Agios Nikolaos area and about 3 km from the coastline.

During the construction phase, a total of about 100 people are expected to be employed, while about 30 new jobs are expected to be created during the operation of the proposed project. The construction of the proposed project is expected to be completed within 18 months from the day of its start, while it is estimated that the construction cost will amount to 25 million EUR.

The Municipality of Larnaca asked to include in the environmental studies issues related to groundwater management, traffic management, air pollution, waste and excavation management, noise and dust and the impact on existing trees, and also waste management during the operation phase of the project.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism does not object to the proposed projects but considers it necessary to take all measures so as not to cause any negative impact on the environment, to ensure all the required development permits, the applicant to comply with any suggestions and conditions set by other competent authorities and in the case of proposed leisure centers, they must be approved by the Ministry of Tourism if they are secured in advance by an urban planning license and before applying for a building permit.

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research said a comprehensive study should be conducted on groundwater that may cause problems during excavation work at the complex’s construction site.

The Department of Antiquities informed that it intends to consent to the licensing of the proposed works provided that all earthworks carried out in the developing parts will be carried out under the supervision of an official of the Department of Antiquities. If antiquities are found during the earthworks, the works will have to be stopped and the Department of Antiquities will be notified to carry out the appropriate archaeological research.

Source: Philenews

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