Building Of Representatives of Various Departments Being Modernized in Cyprus

На Кипре модернизируют здание, в котором расположены офисы уполномоченных представителей различных ведомств
27 October 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

The building where the offices of authorized representatives of various departments are located is being modernized in Cyprus.

The house of a 2200 m2 total area was built in 2011. It is located in the central part of Nicosia.

Today it houses the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment, the Office of the Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs, the Office of Volunteer and Non-Governmental Organizations, the Office of Negotiators on the Cyprus Issue, the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus, the Volunteer Office of the Missing Persons Investigation Committee, the Missing Persons Service and the Humanitarian Affairs Service.

A few days ago, a corresponding contract was signed in the Department of Public Works. According to the terms of the contract, work will begin in November 2021, the project implementation period will be 8 months.

The preliminary cost of the reconstruction of the building is estimated at 1,546,000 euros (including VAT). It is worth noting that 85% of monetary expenses will be covered by the European Union, and 15% will be allocated by Cyprus from the country's budget.

The main goal of the project is to increase the energy efficiency of the building and improve the working conditions of employees who work in the building.

In particular, it is planned to hold in the building:

  1. Replacement of window, door and glazed frames with new ones.
  2. Installation of a new internal sun protection system.
  3. Replacement of the existing waterproofing and thermal insulation system.
  4. Installation of a system of photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 15 kW, using the net billing method.
  5. Replacement of all fixtures in buildings and premises with new high-efficiency LED lamps.
  6. Installation of an automation system for all lighting and indoor air conditioning units.
  7. Replacement of the central air conditioning system with a VRV system.
  8. Replacement of ventilation and energy recovery units with new units.

The project will be implemented by the method of design, construction and maintenance. In other words, the contractor company, in addition to performing modernization, undertook to maintain the building for 12 years, after the completion of all work.

На Кипре модернизируют здание, в котором расположены офисы уполномоченных представителей различных ведомств

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