2021: 16 new Hotels in Cyprus

В 2021 году на Кипре появится 16 новых отелей
15 April 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

In 2021, 16 new hotels will appear in Cyprus at once: eight in Larnaca, three in Nicosia, one in Limassol, two in Paphos and two in Famagusta.


Investors have high expectations on Larnaca – they intend to develop tourism and increase the level of popularity for tourists, compared to other cities.

The list of new hotels is the following:

  • Radisson Blu Hotel  inDhekelia – 202 rooms and 404 beds
  • Hotel Indigo Cyprus​ near Finikoudes -40 rooms and 80 beds
  • Samirana Boutique Hotel​ in the center of Larnaca on Ermou Square – 55 rooms and 110 beds
  • Best Western towards the Larnaca – Dhekelia motorway–30 rooms and 80 beds
  • Alexia City​ – reconstruction on the basis of the former Hotel Apartments, and as a result the number of rooms will increase up to 42
  • Solaar Boutique Hotel & Spa - reconstruction on the basis of the former Michael’s, will have 75 roomsand 150 beds
  • Pallas​ – small boutique hotel in Pallas Square with 38 rooms and 76 beds
  • Castle –​ small boutique hotel near the castle with 44 rooms and 88 beds


Today, there are 32 hotels in Nicosia. In 2021 the number of the hotels will increase to 35, and number of beds up to 760.

The list of new hotels is the following:

  • Maralia on Gomera Avenue–designed for 40 rooms and is aimed at business class customers
  • NYX Hotel Nicosia on Makarius Avenue–198 rooms
  • Wyndham Nicosia – 140 rooms


The most prospective event in 2021 for Limassol will be the opening of the new City of Dreams Casino Resort Hotel in the Zakaki area. This hotel will include – 500 five-star rooms, exclusive suites and villas, 11 world-class restaurants and bars. And of course – spa, fitness studios, indoor and outdoor pools.

Thereby, the number of hotels will increase to 61 in Limassol, and the number of beds – 11890.


The cultural capital of Cyprus will also have new hotels.

The list of new hotels is the following:

Atlantica Mare Village Paphos  inLatchi - 36 rooms, 72 beds

Cap St. George Beach Club –five-star hotel, 203 luxury rooms and 406 beds

So the total amount of hotels in Paphos will reach 106 and the number of beds – 18929.


It’s a fact, that Famagusta is like a “Queen” of the hotel market in Cyprus. Because there are a lot of hotels are concentrated.

There are two new hotels will appear next year. After it, the total amount of hotels will increase to 182, and beds – 21341.

The list of new hotels is the following:

Sun City Spa Resort & Residences in Ayia Napa–230 rooms

Chrysomare Beach Hotel & Resort on Ayia Napa Island Avenue, next to Sandy Bay Beach – five-star hotel with 294 rooms and 588 beds.

В 2021 году на Кипре появится 16 новых отелей

By the number of beds in five-stars hotel the statistic is the following: 

Paphos – 5450 beds

Limassol – 3396 beds

Famagusta – 2488 beds

Nicosia – 588 beds

Larnaca – 386 beds

The largest number of beds in four-stars hotel:

Paphos – 8397 beds

Famagusta – 7799 beds

In other cities the amount does not exceed 3000 beds

About half of the sleeping places in Famagusta area are in three-stars hotels – 8910 beds.

And Paphos on the second place – 3909.

Source : Economytoday

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