Levante Residences - luxury residence in Limassol

Компания Imperio сдала в эксплуатацию проект Levante Residences
28 October 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The most impressive luxury residential complex, Levante Residences, was recently delivered by Imperio.

The project dominates the area of ​​Germasogeia River with its imposingness, which is reflected in its extent and architectural uniqueness.

Its orientation and the construction of the new residential project of Imperio are such that the apartments take advantage of the point's stunning view. Each house has high-quality finishes, while within the complex, the beautiful garden and the impressive swimming pool blend harmoniously with the overall development.

Responsible Interior Architect Project Christina Kypri describes the configuration of the colorful garden of Levante Residences:

«From the very first glance, the Levante your Residences recommended by the purple colors of the numerous bougainvilleas hosting the outer flowers, while beside the entrance the green cypress trees stand, highlighting the height of the buildings. Entering the project site, the thousand different garden plants with bright colors invite you to stand and enjoy it. The fragrant myrtle welcomes you, while the path that leads to the young olive tree is surrounded by seven different species of Cypriot plants and flowers, which create a fantastic combination of green and purple shades, offering a complete sensory experience ".

Just five minutes from the beach and the tourist area, Levante Residences has many amenities in its neighborhood, such as supermarkets, gourmet restaurants, and luxury shops.

The imposing new residential development of Imperio gives a unique shape to the Germasogeia River area since it stands out firmly from the neighboring newly built projects, not only with its aesthetic superiority but also in terms of the prominent position in which it is located.

Компания Imperio сдала в эксплуатацию проект Levante Residences

More information about complex are available at the link

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