Cyprus: the 15 towers announced in 2020

Все выше и выше: какие небоскрёбы построят на Кипре в ближайшее время?
15 December 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

According to the Ministry of the Environment, 15 new high-rise buildings will appear in Cyprus in the coming years.

Simultaneously, seven skyscrapers will be erected in Limassol, 5 in Larnaca, and 3 in Nicosia.

Among them:

Zaria Resort in Limassol

The Zaria Resort project is a large-scale residential complex, which will be located 15 km from the center of Limassol, within the first coastline on an area of ​​10 hectares. It will consist of two towers, 18 (76m) high and 16 floors (68m) high.

In the first skyscraper - Block A (West Building), 41 apartments, 15 residential floors are provided. In the second skyscraper - Block B (East Building), there are 34 apartments, 13 residential floors.

The buildings' basements will house warehouses, parking for 162 parking spaces, of which three are intended for electric vehicles. The complex will also have an indoor pool, SPA, playground, management and maintenance offices, changing rooms, recreation areas, and a gym.

On the mezzanine level of Block B, there will be small rooms for the library and reading room, while Block A has a shared seating area.

The complex's 75 apartments will be divided into five different types with the following characteristics: 14 one-bedroom apartments, 29 two-bedroom apartments, 22 three-bedroom apartments, eight penthouses, and two executive penthouses.

In addition to all of the above, the project includes 18 parking spaces in the open parking lot for the involved guests. Nine areas will serve the disabled. Parking for bicycles is also provided.

The company - developer ANOLIA HOLDINGS will carry out the construction of the facility.

Golden Mile in Limassol

The new clubhouse Golden Mile will be located in the most fashionable area of ​​Limassol Potamos Germassogia, surrounded by the century-old eucalyptus trees of Dasoudi Park.

The Golden Mile project is a complex of 2 elite buildings with a height of 9 and 5 floors, with 34 apartments. The project includes public and private swimming pools, a gym, a spacious lobby lounge, covered parking, and a concierge service for all involved residents.

There is also a parking lot for 53 spaces, 4 of which are for disabled people. The total area of ​​the complex will be 4,406 m2, and the houses - 993 m2.

Block A will consist of 9 floors (total height 44,850 m) and will include 26 apartments (8 one-bedroom apartments, eight two-bedroom apartments, ten three-bedroom apartments), a roof garden, and recreation areas. Block B will consist of 4 floors (total height 25,600 m) and will include eight three-room apartments (2 apartments on each floor, starting from the first floor), a roof garden (4th floor), recreation areas, changing rooms (for women and men).

The construction of the facility will be carried out by the developer ROUBERO INVESTMENT LTD.

Marigate Larnaca in Larnaca

The multi-storey residential complex Marigate Larnaca will be located at the entrance to the territory of the new port of Larnaca, close to the sea.

According to the project, the first two ground floors of the high-rise buildings will be used for parking. The remaining nine will house modern luxury residential apartments with private gardens and green spaces, indoor and outdoor terraces, as well as jacuzzis and swimming pools. Not an unimportant bonus - each apartment will have a stunning panoramic view of the surroundings.

The investor in Marigate Larnaca is Agrigela LTD, which will begin its implementation very shortly.

The completion date of the complex is scheduled for late 2022 - early 2023.

Loel High Rise Residential in Limassol

The Loel High Rise Residential project will appear on a 32,271 m2 mixed development plot between the marina and Limassol's new port in the Tsiflikudia area.

It provides for the construction of three towers:

Tower A: the height of the building is 35 floors (143 m), and the number of apartments is 185;

Tower B: the height of the building is 31 floors (128 m), and the number of apartments is 154;

Tower B: the building is 31 floors high (128 m), and the number of apartments is 158.

The total number of apartments in the complex will be 497, and there will be 575 parking spaces.

The construction of the facility will be carried out by the developer Melkor Holdings Ltd. 

Habitat in Larnaca

The PERISAND HOLDINGS LTD company, which acts as a developer, intends to build two residential towers (A and B) in the Agios Nicholas area of ​​Larnaca, about 3 km from the coastline.

The first building will have ten floors with a height of 41 m, the second - 12 floors with a 52 m. The total area of ​​the site allocated for construction is 8524 m2. Of these, buildings will occupy a space of ​​1,928 m2.

Eighty luxury apartments will appear in skyscrapers. The objects will have standard underground parking for 100 parking spaces for residents. Photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 140 kW will be installed on the roofs of buildings.

The project also provides infrastructure around the complex, outdoor parking, utilities, and a park area with green spaces.

Sea Horizon Tower in Limassol

A multi-storey residential complex Sea Horizon Tower will appear in the Parekklisha district of Limassol.

According to the release, Crona Art intends to construct a 12-storey building, 50 meters high, which will house 20 luxurious two- and three-bedroom luxury apartments. Besides, the complex has two swimming pools: indoor, a sauna, a hammam, a gym, a garden, underground parking for 25 cars (including one for the disabled), and ground parking for eight vehicles (including two for the disabled ).

The total area of ​​the building site will be 6058 m2. The building area will be 651 m2. The basement area of ​​the project will be 2,281 m2, and the depth will be 4 m. It is also known that 890 m2 will be allocated for public green spaces and 1,000 m2 for private green spaces.

The building is expected to offer a magnificent panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, Limassol cityscapes, and its picturesque nature.

NAOC in Larnaca

A project called Naoc will appear in the southern part of the city, next to the tourist area, on Piale Pasa street, about 200 meters northwest of Castella beach. The total area of ​​the plot on which the high-rise buildings will be built is 1209 m2.

Translated from Greek, Naoc means "ancient temple." The complex will consist of two 12-storey towers, which were also named - Apollo and Poseidon. It is worth noting that they were chosen based on the location and unique aesthetics of each building.

The two underground floors are expected to accommodate 32 private parking spaces for residents (including 6 for people with disabilities).

The first three above-ground floors will be shared between the buildings. They will be used for shops, spas, offices, restaurants, and bars. Besides, an outdoor pool for guests will be located on the third floor. The buildings will be divided into two towers from the fourth floor, where 26 luxury apartments will appear. All residences are equipped with the latest technology, and from them will offer stunning views of the sea.

The residents will be provided with round-the-clock security and a concierge, whose task is to solve all maintenance issues.

Blu Marine в Лимассоле

Blu Marine — первый большой проект в западной части Лимассола, которая долго оставалась в забвении. Согласно планам муниципалитета, её модернизируют, улучшат инфраструктуру, проложат пешеходные и велосипедные дорожки. Это место, по мнению мэрии Лимассола, должно стать новой европейской Ривьерой.

Проект будет включать строительство четырёх зданий, подземных и наземных паркингов на 100 общественных и 395 частных мест, двух бассейнов. Три здания, высотой 5,29 и 33 этажа, будут предназначены для жилого фонда, в них также разместится ресторан и спа-салон. Четвёртое 9-этажное здание отдадут под магазины и офисы. Общая застроенная площадь проекта составит 38 063 м2. Участок под застройку расположен рядом с пляжем Цифликудиа. 

Neocleous Tower in Limassol

The 25-story skyscraper Neocleous Tower will appear in the area of ​​Agios Nektarios Street in Limassol. A new high-rise just 730 meters southeast of the Akti Olympion A beach will be built by the development company A. NEOCLEOUS HOLDINGS LLC.

WKK Architects developed the architectural design of the Neocleous Tower. His other creations include the recently completed Oval office building, the One skyscraper under construction, and the Trilogy towers.

According to the release, the project, which is categorized as "high-rise buildings", includes the construction and operation of a mixed-use tower, which will consist of 25 floors and four basements.

The building will house numerous offices, shops, a business center, a cafeteria, gym, apartments, and a Euro-Mediterranean Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution. Besides, the project provides for a 4-level underground parking and surface parking with a total of 110 parking spaces, 7 of which will be designed for people with disabilities. Also, in the underground parking, eight bicycles will be parked.

The site on which the Neocleous Tower will be built totals 1556 m2, of which the building will occupy 1386 m2. The total height of the building will be 120 meters. The construction of the skyscraper will begin at the end of 2020 and will take about 2.5 years.

QII and QIIII in Larnaca

QII is a multi-storey office building to be built in Larnaca and, in particular, in the parish of Agios Nikolaos. The 15-storey complex will have 13 offices (one office on each floor), a cafeteria/bar in the basement, a mezzanine, two underground parking levels, and two engineering floors. The total height of the building will be 63.60 m. The total area of ​​the construction site is 1125 m2. According to preliminary estimates, the building will occupy about 40% of this ground floor area. The rest of the project area includes a road, outdoor parking spaces, and green regions.

QIIII will also be a multi-storey office building in the Agios Nikolaos parish in Larnaca. It will consist of 12 floors with eleven offices (one office on each floor), a mezzanine and an engineering floor, and two-level underground parking. Its total height will be 53.25 m. The total area of ​​the construction site is 955 m2. According to preliminary estimates, the building occupies about 25% of this ground floor area. The rest of the territory includes a road, outdoor parking and green areas.

Platinum Tower in Limassol

Platinum Tower is a modern 12-storey office building with progressive design and premium quality craft located in Agios Athanasios in Limassol.

The building, which will rise to about 120 meters, will include 48 office premises, four commercial premises, and a roof garden. The building will consist of two parts, one of which will house office premises, and the other - shops.

The construction of the facility will be carried out by the developer 5Q Development Ltd.

Sofoklis Building Kyriakou Matsi in Nicosia

The 14-storey Sofoklis Building Kyriakou Matsi by Domoplus Developers Ltd will be dedicated to the rental and sale of offices on Kyriakou Matsi Street in Nicosia Municipality.

The tower will be 80 meters high. The project includes two underground two-level parking lots with a capacity of 50 parking spaces and ten independent offices on ten floors, with the possibility of using human resources of no more than 300 people.

"Fota Kalispera" in Nicosia

Fota Kalispera is a commercial complex that will appear in Nicosia. The project includes the construction of two high-rise office buildings and an underground private parking lot. The height of Building A will be 55.30 m and will have 15 floors, the height of Building B - 49.80 m and 11 floors. The building site's total area is 26,298 m2, and the size of ​​buildings is 3922 m2. The green space will occupy 17,508 m2.

The construction of the facility will be carried out by the developer Cyfield.

At the same time, Cyfield will build an office complex, which will consist of a 6-storey building (height 24.50 m), 110 meters north-west of Fota Kalisper, in the municipality of Strovolos. The complex will have six floors and two underground parking lots for 78 cars. The total area of ​​the building site will be 1738 m2.

Все выше и выше: какие небоскрёбы построят на Кипре в ближайшее время?

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