Greek Language Test to Become Mandatory for Obtaining a Cypriot Passport

Иностранцам придётся учить греческий язык для получения гражданства Кипра
8 February 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

Recently, the Minister of Internal Affairs Nicos Nouris submitted a new bill to parliament for the introduction of more stringent requirements for foreign citizens who want to apply for Cypriot citizenship by naturalization.

According to the minister, a revision of the requirements was necessary in connection with a scandal over the video of the Qatari Al Jazeera, as well as the cancellation of the Cyprus Investment Program in November 2020. By the way, since then, obtaining Cypriot citizenship has become a more complicated procedure.

As you may know, at the moment, in order to obtain a Cypriot passport, it is enough for foreigners:

  • to have lived legally for at least seven years in Cyprus over the past 10 years (this does not include an applicant for refugee status and holder of humanitarian status, as well as years of residence with a student visa)
  • to reside officially and legally in Cyprus without a break for 12 months prior to the application
  • to have a good reputation - fines, arrests, convictions reduce the chance of getting a passport
  • to arrive on the island through the official ports and airports of the Republic of Cyprus
  • to reside in Cyprus legally and not pose a threat to the safety and health of society.

If the deputies support the new bill, then foreigners will have additionally:

  • to know Greek at B1 level
  • to have a basic knowledge of contemporary politics and social life in the Republic of Cyprus (the process and way of assessing this basic knowledge will be determined by a three-member evaluation committee, which will be composed of representatives of the Ministries of Education, Interior and Justice)
  • to have decent housing and a stable income that does not involve seeking financial assistance from the social services of the Republic of Cyprus.

Иностранцам придётся учить греческий язык для получения гражданства Кипра

It should be noted that exceptions (in accordance with the existing legislation) are made to people who provide high-level services to Cyprus.

For example, athletes who play in the national teams of Cyprus.

By the way, the Council of Ministers authorized Nouris to make any amendments to this bill that he deems appropriate, at the stage of its development and discussion in parliament, before voting, without returning it for approval to the Council of Ministers.

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