Large construction sites are better suited to that small one?

На мелких или крупных стройплощадках Кипра чаще нарушают технику безопасности?
7 May 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Despite the general guidelines that were announced to help and prevent the spread of coronavirus, many employers in Cyprus continue to ignore them.

The construction sector is one of them in Cyprus.

According to the inspector’s opinion, small and medium-sized contractors were “problematic construction sites” due to the lack of organizational infrastructure, adding that there were cases that did not satisfactory sanitation or cleaning facilities or instructions were not given to workers on the measures to be taken for protection from the crown. 

Inspector noted that the large contractors are better organized, maybe because they have the organizational infrastructure, and have supervising engineers and security officials.

Also he said, that in retail, things are better and the people are more cooperative.

The main problems that the absence of markings and the number of people who may be in store and the lack of information in relation to the squares that are available as a useful space inside the store, the inspector added.

На мелких или крупных стройплощадках Кипра чаще нарушают технику безопасности?

Regarding the number of inspections carries out daily, the Director of the Department of Labor Inspection said, that this depends on the area, noting that it makes sense to conduct a large number of inspections when the stores are located in one area.

In relation to shops that do not have a private space in front of their entrance, which opens to the sidewalk, they cannot put a sign on the sidewalk but the shopkeeper may ask his customers to keep their distance.

The inspector said that the complaints come from citizens who have problems when they go to the shop, from employees and from unions but also from businessmen who ask dozens of questions.

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