Bell up to € 3500 00 for Cyprus passport advertising

За рекламу "распродажи" кипрских паспортов предусмотрен гигантский штраф
17 October 2020 DOM LiVE
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On the occasion of several illegal/misleading advertisements or posts for the Cyprus Investment Program on social media and the Internet, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds that Regulation 17 of Honorary Naturalization for reasons of Public Interest and Naturalization of Foreign Entrepreneurs .P 379/20) provides that each provider must comply with and implement the instructions in the Annex.

The Ministry points out that paragraph (3) of the Annex to these Regulations, explicitly prohibits providers and their partners, the promotion and advertising of naturalization or the Cypriot passport in any form of advertising, including the Internet, social media but and at any event in the Republic or abroad. 

Briefing of the Parliamentary Audit Committee

The Ministry of Interior states that it has already informed the competent Supervision and Audit Committee, ordered under the same Regulations to address the issue.

It is reminded that the specific violation is punished by deletion from the register of program providers and the imposition of an administrative fine that can reach up to 350 000. 

За рекламу

586 applications for naturalizations by the end of September In addition, the Ministry of Interior informs that by September 30, 2020 the number of applications submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be examined by the Naturalization Unit was 586.

Of these applications, 410 are applications of 2019, and the remaining 176 were filed within 2020. 

It is also clarified that any new applications for naturalization through the Cyprus Investment Program will be received until noon on Friday, October 30, 2020, provided that they are fully completed with the submission of all necessary documents and supporting documents.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs finally emphasizes that no incomplete application will be received.

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