A mini marina in Alaminos is under construction in Larnaca

Рыбацкую пристань в деревне Аламинос (район Ларнаки) хотят модернизировать
24 October 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The Department of Environment published the technical study for assessing the effects of the upgrade and operation of the existing berth of yachts and related support infrastructure on the coastal front of Alaminos.

The project, submitted by Muskita Holdings, concerns the maintenance, upgrade, and operation of the existing yacht shelter in the area of ​​Latouros in Alaminos.

More specifically, it concerns actions:

  1. Maintenance of the existing/inactive yacht shelter, including dredging from large amounts of accumulated sand and algae.
  2. Upgrading the shelter through the construction of an administration building, recreation areas, sanitary facilities, and an outpost
  3. Improving access by building a bridge
  4. Asphalting of the access route from the main road / public road of the area
  5. Construction of a parking lot

Рыбацкую пристань в деревне Аламинос (район Ларнаки) хотят модернизировать

Maintenance of existing / inactive yacht shelter, including dredging from large amounts of accumulated sand and algae.

Briefly, the project includes the following main sections:

  • Maintenance of the existing mooring area as the shelter's construction twenty years ago and its stay out of operation has brought significant damage that must be repaired.
  • Intense accumulation/blockage of the shelter requires the restoration of the old depths through dredging.
  • Upgrading the yacht shelter, based on the provisions of current legislation for the minimum requirements for the proper operation of such tourism development activities.

Includes construction:

  • Administration and leisure building
  • Port checkpoint and liquid and substantial waste collection areas, as well as water and electricity supply points on each vessel,
  • Parking
  • Asphalt access road to the shelter from the nearest public road
  • Bridge connecting land with shelter, replacing existing monolithic, facilitating the movement of water and sediment.

Operation phase of the project:

  • The MEEP mainly investigates elements of safe management and operation of the said yacht docking area and supporting infrastructure, as defined in the Management License, issued by the Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry, and Tourism.
  • More specifically, the mooring area was licensed to serve up to 150 yachts, but in practice, based on the development company's needs, it is estimated to serve 85 boats in the coming years.
  • The project will include a one-storey building with a total area of ​​450 m2 (cafeteria, shelter, sanitary facilities), a 400m long road, a parking lot for 50 vehicles, and a security guard office of 16 m2.

The restaurant is estimated to have the capacity to accommodate up to 130 people. At the same time, 40000 m3 of sand and 2000 m3 will be cleaned. The quantities will be controlled by the Department of Fisheries and stored in a piece of land temporarily for use in beach enrichment needs that will require it, always within the area's bay.

Source: philenews.com
Photos: pixabay.com
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