The creation of the Paphos Marina project has been extended

Продлен срок подачи заявок на строительство Марины Пафоса
1 July 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

By the end of July 2020, the time limit for submitting bids for the creation of the Paphos Marina project is now being extended. The relevant decision was made by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, as the initial deadline expired today, as the pandemic and lockdown almost all over the world, in fact, made it impossible for the bidders to advance the procedures.

Confirming this information, a competent source of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told that the extension was given as it had been ascertained that there was intense interest from well-known foreign companies to be involved in the whole process.

"The representatives of these companies have expressed a strong desire to be able to have a personal knowledge of the data and especially of the spatial conditions that exist," according to the same source, "and therefore this could not be done during the general quarantine period. 

Now, with the economy slowly beginning to find its footing internationally and with the connection of Cyprus with the rest of the world again, with the air restart, there is the possibility that the processes for expressing interest will resume under normal circumstances."

Продлен срок подачи заявок на строительство Марины Пафоса

The new study for the construction of the Paphos marina will be awarded as calculated within a few months after the submission and at the same time the terms of the offers for the announcement and the construction and operational part of the project will be prepared, which this time will be separate from it of studying.

Recall, that the Marina Paphos has been under discussion nearly 13 years.

In 2007, a tender was announced. And in 2008, the project was awarded to the Cybarco -Pandora group, which included the most largest developer - the Lentos Group.

But other two bidders (Pafilia and Poseidon) challenged the decision of the tender commission. And the project was frozen. 

In December 2015 the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Poseidon Grand Marina of Paphos, a joint-venture in which Aristo Developers was a major stakeholder – Poseidon were subsequently awarded the contract in May 2016. The developer was ready to spent about 215 million. But the banks of Cyprus refused the loan of 104 millions. And the right to implement of the project was transferred to the third participant - Pafilia. But then also left the project. After that, the Government of Cyprus was forced to announced a new tender. 

The Paphos Marina at Potima bay between Kissonerga and Pegeia.

In addition to berthing for 1,000 vessels, the project will include more than 42,000 square metres of residential and commercial developments.

The project will take approximately three years to be completed.

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