Eurobank announces mortgage plans with government interest rate subsidy

Eurobank объявил о начале приема заявок на ипотечное кредитование на льготных условиях
14 August 2020 DOM LiVE

Eurobank Cyprus with strong and steady steps continues its successful development in the Cypriot market, constantly enriching the solutions it offers to its customers based on customer needs, quality and speed of service, and ensuring the quality of the Bank's assets.

Within this framework, the Bank stands next to and fr om the private customer, offering flexible mortgage solutions for homeownership, home renovation or purchase of land for housing purposes, always with the stigma of quality in personal service that characterizes the Bank from the first day of establishment but also the competitive pricing of the products it offers. 

Following the recent announcements of the Government for an interest rate subsidy for new first home mortgages, Eurobank Cyprus is proceeding with the introduction of a new first home mortgage loan on very favorable terms harmonized with the provisions of the Government Subsidy Plan, so in the realization of the dreams of those who are looking for the ideal place for homeownership or the construction of a first home.

Eurobank объявил о начале приема заявок на ипотечное кредитование на льготных условиях

With technology and based on the high level of services offered by Eurobank Cyprus, this new mortgage loan is offered through modern, simple, and flexible procedures that meet the fast pace of life. At the same time, the pricing of the loan aims to reduce household costs as much as possible, as, under certain conditions, the government subsidy fully covers the interest rate of the loan for the first four years.

The General Manager of Eurobank Cyprus, Stefanos Kassianidis, stated in this regard: The sound financial position of the Bank, as well as the strong liquidity and capital adequacy ratios, allow us to continue the growth of the Bank and offer solutions to our customers such as this new housing loan on particularly favorable terms, wh ere under certain conditions, the loan interest rate is fully covered by the government subsidy. At the same time with the continuous process of technological upgrade, taking full advantage of the possibilities of our time, our procedures have been modernized, which means that the loan application and account opening is done online, quickly and easily, significantly reducing the time to complete the overall process.

More information about the new mortgage is available at the Eurobank Cyprus website.

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